To enhance our members' experience, Bamboo Club cooperates with Grab to bring an exclusive package: GrabUnlimited. Customers who register to become a Bamboo Club member or are an existing member can receive a GrabUnlimited package for 4 months FREE. Enjoy transportation on all routes with Grab to transcontinental flights with Bamboo Airways now! Detail: 

Validity: 01/09/2023 – 30/11/2023 


About GrabUnlimited

1. What is GrabUnlimited? & GrabUnlimited membership benefits

GrabUnlimited is a Grab membership. Customers will receive 4 FREE months of GrabUnlimited Membership 

GrabUnlimited is Grab's membership package.  Customers will receive a 04 months free trial of the GrabUnlimited Membership Package. GrabUnlimited members will receive privileges after each month: 

  • 99 free shipping codes worth 15.000 VND for every order of GrabFood worth 100.000 VND and above  

  • 2 codes of 10% discount for GrabBike/GrabCar trips from 25.000 VND, the maximum cap is 100,000 VND 

  • 3 codes of 10.000 vnd for GrabMart order from 200.000 vnd  

  • Special promotional code for travel from the airport, applicable to 80 airports in eight countries in Southeast Asia 

Additionally, GrabUnlimited members have the opportunity to purchase GrabBike or GrabCar promotional packages at promotional rates only for members (limited quantities); and many other attractive privileges on a monthly basis. 

2. Terms & Conditions for 4 months free GrabUnlimited Membership
  • The 4 months trial of the GrabUnlimited package is only available in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang. 

  • Users must subscribe to the membership package before the offer expires. 

  • Each user can only change and apply once, for the account to make the redemption 

  • By clicking “Redeem”, the customer agrees that Grab/Bamboo Shop will use your personal information (including your Grab account, and phone number...) for the program related to this promotion. 

  • The offer has no value to be converted into artifacts or embellishments in any form whatsoever. Not to be used for trade or exchange. 

  • The offer will automatically expire when the user cancels the package before the free trial period, and will not be refunded. 

  • After exiting the promotion details screen, users will not be able to see the promotion on the Grab app. Please scan the QR code/link provided by Bamboo Shop to access the offer again. 

  • This offer is not valid in conjunction with other offers (related to subscribing to the GrabUnlimited Membership Plan). 

  • Note: The offer is not allowed to "Delete used" when the user clicks "Use now" when changing the offer." 


Instructions for using the offer (*) 

Members log in to their accounts on the Bamboo Airways App and redeem 100 points in exchange for 4 months of successful GrabUnlimitedGrab Unlimited package on the Bamboo Store.   

Step 1: Log in to your member account and select "Redeem", select "Bamboo Store", and select "Utilities". 

*Redemption is applicable to Emerald members and above. 


Step 2: Select Grab Voucher, click redeem, and verify PIN code 


Step 3: Check the "My gifts" section, scan the QR code to register or copy the link (on your mobile app) to register for the offer. 

(*) Not a Bamboo Club member yet? Sign up for membership to get the offer HERE! 

Mọi thắc mắc, Quý Hội viên vui lòng liên hệ: 

Hotline Bamboo Club: 19001133 (phí 1,000 VNĐ/phút) 


Zalo: Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways 


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