Food Allergies

While we go through great lengths to ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers, we cannot guarantee an environment free from allergens (e.g. eliminating tree-nuts, peanuts, eggs, milk and other items that might cause an allergic reaction). Passengers suffering from severe food allergies may consider a few precautions if they are concerned that they might be at risk of allergen exposure:

  • Bringing their own food items
  • Wearing a medical alert bracelet
  • Carrying prescribed anaphylaxis or other treatment and ensuring it is ready-for-administration by passenger or the companion (i.e. ready-for-use epi-pens)


Passengers with peanut and nut allergies are recommended to submit the Physician’s Statement: Peanut and Tree nut allergies form at least 24 hours prior to departure.

Passengers with documented allergies who wish to be extra cautious may request priority boarding in order to wipe down their seating area, using their own cleaning materials.

Bamboo Airways does not guarantee a peanut or tree nut-free environments on our aircraft and in airport lounges. Bamboo Airways also cannot prevent passengers from bringing their own peanut and/or tree nut products on board, and cannot insist that they do not open or eat them.

Bamboo Airways does not serve peanut and tree nut-free meals. Meals served to other passengers in the same cabin may contain peanuts and tree nut products. Therefore, passengers who require peanut and tree nut-free meals are recommended to bring their own food items that do not require chilling or reheating inflight. Passengers are advised to check the applicable quarantine regulations before departure, as some countries may not allow certain types of food to be carried upon entry. For more details, please refer to: