Disabled passengers

Available services for passengers requiring wheelchair (WCH)

  • Passengers requiring wheelchair for ramp are those capable of ascending/descending steps, to/from the aircraft and to/from their seat on his or her own. Service code: WCHR 

  • Passengers requiring wheelchair for steps are those capable of traveling in the Cabin on his or her own. Service code: WCHS

  • Passengers requiring wheelchair for cabin are those completely immobile, who require assistance to move about while on the ground (at terminal, on ramp), while entering/exiting aircraft and while in the cabin. Service code: WCHC 

Bamboo Airways will arrange staff and use specialized equipment such as wheelchairs, high lift trucks wtc. to assist passengers while on the ground (at terminal, on ramp), while entering/exiting aircraft and while in the cabin. 

Requests for wheelchair services must be made at least 24 hours before scheduled deprture time. The maximum number of passengers using wheelchair service (WCHR/WCHS) accepted by Bamboo Airways is 08 passengers/flight. 



Maximum number of passengers/flight  

Accompanying cabin crew service 

Confirmation channel 

Wheelchair for Ramp 

Unlimited but not exceeding the total number of passengers capable of assisting others during emergency exit  


Requests must be made at least 24 hours before scheduled departure time, via Bamboo Airways ticket offices (including our official ticket offices and travel agent offices) and our Hotline. 

Wheelchair for Steps  

Not exceeding the total number of main emergency exits of the aircraft (for accompanied passengers) 

Not exceeding half of the total number of main emergency exits of the aircraft (for unaccompanied passengers). 


Wheelchair for Cabin 

(accompanied passengers) 

02 passengers 


Wheelchair for Cabin 

(unaccompanied passengers) 

02 passengers 


This service is currently not available. 


In case specialized equipment is not available, Bamboo Airways’ ground staff and passenger’s travel assistant (if any) will assist passengers in ascending/descending the aircraft steps. 

Airports that provide high lift trucks are listed below: 



Service capability 





















*High lift trucks are not available in the remaining airports. 


Requirements for Pre-flight Health Assessment 

To ensure your health and safety, passengers required to undergo a pre-flight health assessment must register via our Hotline or Bamboo Airways’ ticket offices nationwide. Passengers required to undergo pre-flight health assessment are those with one of the following health issues: 

(a) Reduced, or absent, capacity to take care of oneself due to mental problems; 

(b) Suffering from injuries, illnesses, or any other health problems that might greatly interfere with the well-being of other passengers on the flight; 

(c) Pregnancy, in the forms of: 

  • Twins or multiples; 

  • Assisted by IVF; 

  • Negative developments in the health of parent and/or child 

(d) Unhealthy infants, or infants born pre-mature; 

(e) Suffering from health conditions that may worsen due to air travel, including but not limited to: lung illnesses, ear or sinus problems, freshly broken bones, after surgery, or severe allergy; 

(f) Suffering from communicable diseases such as chicken pox, bird flu, tuberculosis, measles, or mumps, etc. 

Passengers with conditions listed above are required to present health certificates from one of the following institutions: 

In Vietnam: General or specialized hospitals at central, provincial, district or equivalent levels; Private and international hospitals; international clinics. 

In other countries: medical clinics with legal certification. 

Your health certificates should contain:
  • Passenger’s information: Name, age, gender
  • Doctor information: Name, Address, Phone number, Work place
  • Medical diagnostics on disease status / passenger health
  • Prediction on passenger disease path for the expected flight itinerary
  • If the passenger’s conditions may affect other passengers
  • Date of health certification
  • Doctor’s signature
  • Health certification should not exceed 07 days upon actual departure date

If the passenger fail to present health certification as requested above, the airport representative may request an on-site doctor at the airport to examine his or her health upon the actual situation of the flight. 

In the event that a passenger is both subject to certification of health and wheelchair support, he / she must meet the transport acceptance of both cases. 

Bamboo Airways shall reject transportation if passenger’s conditions are expected to worsen during the itinerary or may affect other passengers.

Documents Requirements

Passengers are asked to complete required documents 14 days prior to the date of departure. Passengers requiring special assistance services will be accepted on board under the following conditions: 

• Reservation has been booked and confirmed in advance by Bamboo Airways. 
• All required documents are complete, valid and authorized. 
• Passengers’ health conditions are stable and fit to travel by air. 
• The carriage of passengers does not affect the safety of the aircraft, cabin crew and other passengers as well as their property. 

Requirements for passenger’s travel assistant

Requirements for passenger’s travel assistant: 

+ Must be 18 years old or above (on flight date); 

+ Capable of assisting passenger in ascending/descending the aircraft steps and traveling to/from cabin seat; 

+ Each travel assistant can only escort 01 passenger. 

Responsibilities of the travel assistant: 

+ Assisting passenger in ascending/descending the aircraft steps; 

+ Assisting passenger in traveling to/from cabin seat.