Ha Long is a destination possessing "unforgettable" beauty with numerous breathtaking caves and beaches. Let's explore the mysterious and poetic Ha Long travel journey with Bamboo Airways right now!

1. About Ha Long City

Ha Long City is located in Quang Ninh Province, about 165 km from Hanoi to the east with a total area of ​​1,119.36 km2. Thanks to its diverse terrain including hills, valleys, coastal areas and islands, Ha Long not only impresses tourists with its beautiful bays but also features majestic mountains and pristine forests.

Ha Long Bay is one of the largest and most beautiful bays in Vietnam. It has been recognized twice by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site. 


2. Ideal time to visit Ha Long

Ha Long City has a distinct climate with hot and dry summers and cold and dry winters. Therefore, the ideal time for a Ha Long trip is from April to June. The weather during this period is mild and warm which makes it very convenient for exploring the beautiful scenery.