4th January 2020 - 1:54

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Bamboo Airways’ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner will bring you absolute relaxation thanks to its superior facilities from business to premium economy and economy class. Explore the splendid 5* space and the flight schedule of Boeing 787-9 for your happy choices.

Millions of happy experiences

Bamboo Airways’ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner can carry a maximum of 294 passengers, including a 26 business class seats, 21 premium economy seats and 247 economy seats.

With premium features for all classes, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner brings a relaxing experience for passengers from the beginning to the end of the flight.

Business Class Compartment

Business Class Compartment

The Business Class is designed with spacious and separate space. The main color of the cabin is modern light brown, giving passengers the feeling of comfort, elegance and absolute relaxation. The aisle is spacious and convenient for walking.

With partitions to create a private space, the seat can recline 180 degrees transforming into a bed, help customers relax and stretch their legs comfortably, enjoy the journey across the continent. The seats use high-quality leather and fabric from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Botany Weaving (Ireland), Lantal and are also arranged in the typical herringbone layout of the C compartment in wide-body aircraft, increasing space and creating optimal comfort for passengers.

[PHOTO: The outstanding utilities and features on the Business Compartment help passengers bring many interesting, fresh experiences and absolute relaxation]

In particular, Business Class seats own Mood Lighting that allows color customization enabling passengers to read and relax with the built-in lamp on the seat, which is just within reach. Each passenger will be provided with a manual Handset controller with touch-mode and remote control, making it easy to manipulate, adjust the window light and choose entertainment options as your wish. Blankets, pillows and other personal items are available, providing the utmost comfort for passengers during long flights.

Premium Economy Compartment

Premium Economy Compartment is arranged in 2-3-2 lay-out, ranging from 31st – 33rd seat row. The distance between the seats is up to 38″ – spacious & convenient in the process of serving and moving of both cabin crew and passengers. The seats are designed by leading manufacturer Rockwell Collins with the recline of 8” – offering comfort to passengers. Premium Economy seats are outstanding with convenient front foot-rest, coat hanger and headrest panels. During long flights, the footrest will help passengers feel less tired and more comfortable.

The sitting area of the Premium Economy seats also has an advanced entertainment screen with buttons to adjust the seat-back and footrest. In addition, the personal storage box at the foot of the chair has a headphone jack, power socket and USB charging port.

[Photo: The utilities, outstanding features on the Premium Economy compartment help passengers have more interesting and refreshing experience than ordinary ones]

The Economy Compartment

The Economy compartment of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner also provides passenger comfort, with relaxing seats and a fine distance between the seats – 32”. All compartments of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner have many modern facilities to minimize passengers’ fatigue during the flight. Typically, aircraft windows with electric light adjustment mode instead of window cover ensure to minimize the fatigue for passengers, especially on long flights with big time-zone changes.

Reading light system with adjust button right on the front screen enables passengers to easily have meals or read books. Passengers can also easily press the button calling on the flight attendant to receive timely assistance when needed.

The pressure on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is maintained equivalent to the pressure at a height of 1.8 km, reducing the feeling of tinnitus for passengers. At the same time, the cabin humidity is automatically adjusted to ensure passengers do not feel hot or tired.

Expected flight schedule of Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner HA LONG BAY

From January 2, 2020, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is scheduled to be put into operation daily for flights:

– Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh city with 3 departure time frames: 09:00, 16:35, 23:50 (flight numbers are: QH245, QH219, QH297)

– Ho Chi Minh city – Hanoi with 3 departure time frames: 05:45, 12:10, 19:45 (flight numbers are QH202, QH218, QH208)

From mid-January, Bamboo Airways will also continue to add some departure time frames for Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner:

– Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh city route adds 2 more: 06:55, 20:50 (flight numbers are: QH211, QH259)

– Ho Chi Minh City – Hanoi adds 2 more: 10:05, 0:05 (flight numbers are: QH204, QH256)

– Hanoi – Phu Quoc route departs at 13:55 (flight number is: QH1621)

– Phu Quoc – Hanoi route departs at 17:00 (flight number is: QH1622 respectively)

With regular, specific and detailed flight schedules, millions of Bamboo Airways passengers will easily have a 5-star experience on the 9th cloud with Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.


Flight schedules may vary depending on the actual operational situation.

For the fastest updates and support, passengers please contact Hotline 19001166.

The surcharge for upgrading your seat to Premium Economy is 150,000 VND (excluding VAT).