Bamboo Airways Repatriated British and EU Citizens on Hanoi – London Route

18th May 2020 - 2:27

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2:00 am on 10 May 2020, at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Bamboo Airways flight number QH9035 takes off to repatriate British and EU citizens. The flight safely arrives at London Heathrow Airport, in the UK at 9:15 am local time.

Special meaning to European citizens

On 10 May 2020, at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Bamboo Airways’ flight from Vietnam to the UK departs at 2:00 am local time and arrives at 9:15 am local time at London Heathrow Airport in the UK. This is the third flight carrying repatriating European citizens operating by Bamboo Airways.

On this flight, all the offered services to customers and cargo from the ground to the air have strictly complied with the disease prevention regulations.

On 10 May 2020, at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi, Bamboo Airways’ flight from Vietnam to the UK departs at 2:00 am, Hanoi time

All the passengers on the flight go through the process of body temperature measuring, health checking and medical declaring in the airport quarantine area. Bamboo Airways also requests passengers to keep a minimum distance of 2 meters among each other when queuing for aviation procedures and boarding. All passengers are required to disinfect hands before boarding and wear facemask during the flight.

The wide-body Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Quy Nhon City of Bamboo Airways operates this special commercial flight. As one of the most modern wide-body aircraft in the 787 family, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner possesses many state-of-the-art amenities to minimize passenger fatigue during the long-haul flight.

The flight has special significance to European passengers stranded in Vietnam.

The flight has a special meaning for British and European passengers stranded in Vietnam due to the limitation of the regular international flights to/from Vietnam caused by the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic. Besides, the flight also has important diplomatic significance, contributing to strengthening the diplomatic relationship between Vietnam and the UK and European countries in supporting the prevention and fight against the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide.

It takes 13 hours for the Hanoi – London flight operated by Bamboo Airways to travel from Vietnam to the UK through the airspace of more than 20 countries and territories.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Trong, Deputy General Director of Bamboo Airways, said that it needs flight permission to fly through 20 countries and territories, including some not so favorable countries in South Asia such as India and Pakistan. Besides, several stages in the preparation process that related to a large number of parties, the time limitation for preparation and the time zone differences also added huge pressures. However, with a 24/7 non-stop working mode and smooth coordination among all departments, Bamboo Airways has met the strict requirements required. The Carrier also negotiates with local airports and authorities to prepare a contingency response plan for urgency.

Earlier, the British Ambassador to Vietnam, Mr. Gareth Ward said that with the ongoing unpredictability over international flights due to coronavirus situation, this is an opportunity for Brits travelling in Vietnam to get home.

All the cabin crew of Bamboo Airways on this flight equips with specialized medical protective clothing. 

The successful operation of Bamboo Airways’ first flight to the UK is also an essential foundation for the Carrier to strengthen international cooperation, widening its regular network to Europe, of which the UK is among critical countries.

Previously, Bamboo Airways has successfully transported over 500 EU nationals on repatriated flights from Vietnam to the Czech Republic and Lithuania with the wide-body Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Strictly follow regulations from the Government

Maintaining strict and comprehensive compliance with the latest directives from the Government and authorities, Bamboo Airways applies the epidemic prevention procedure at the highest level in QH9035 flight to minimize the risk of disease infection.

The flight crew, service and technical staff for this flight are experienced and highly specialized personnels who were carefully selected and trained. They are equipped with specialized medical protective clothing, including protective clothing, gloves, goggles, masks, alcohol-based medical towels and disinfectant solution.

Bamboo Airways 787-9 Dreamliner “Sam Son Beach” of Bamboo Airways arrives at London Heathrow Airport at 9:15 am local time. 

After returning to London, Bamboo Airways cabin crew will undertake 14 days of mandatory quarantine on arrival. After the aircraft returning from the UK, the entire cockpit, passenger cabin, cargo hold, etc. will be disinfected following the highest standards to prevent the risk of virus infection.

Currently, besides promoting the transportation of passengers and cargo from Vietnam to other regions of the world for humanitarian purposes, Bamboo Airways has boosted other commercial activities.

The frequency of flights connecting Hanoi with Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc Quy Nhon, Da Lat, Buon Ma Thuot, Pleiku; flights connecting Ho Chi Minh City with Phu Quoc, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa, Quy Nhon and Vinh, etc. is increased to serve the needs of passengers. Bamboo Airways expects by June 2020, the Carrier will restore the entire domestic flight network operation, as well as continue researching and promoting new routes.

For international markets, depending on the situation of Covid-19 pandemic overcoming in other countries, Bamboo Airways will restore operations on established regular routes such as Vietnam – Korea, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, etc. The Carrier also reopens the process of establishing and connecting new routes to East Asia, Europe, America and Australia; as well as explore new potential routes.

The fleet of at least 40 aircraft by the end of 2020 will serve that plan.