Bamboo Airways leads in January on-time performance of Vietnam aviation industry

7th February 2020 - 2:51

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According to the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, Bamboo Airways led the entire aviation industry in avarage on-time performance rate.

Specifically, from 1/1 – 31/1, Bamboo Airways conducted 3.941 flights, including 3,705 on-time flights, accounting for 94%. This achievement is higher than the average rate of the industry 82,2% in January.

As a result, Bamboo Airways led the on-time performance rate in the first month of the year. Previously, Bamboo Airways also has the highest average on-time performance rate of Vietnam aviation industry in 2019.

According to the statistics, there are 6 main reasons for delayed flights: weather conditions, late arrival’s aircraft, the airline, flight management and trainings, airport infrastructure and others.

The American magazine Forbes considers Bamboo Airways as one of the airlines to watch in 2020. Forbes also states that rarely have we seen a startup airline that provide services with international criteria so quickly.