Announcement on temporary suspension of international route between Da Nang/ Nha Trang and Incheon from 01/4/2020 to 20/04/2020

27th March 2020 - 4:22

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Dear esteemed customers,

Due to the continuous impact of the Corona virus disease, Bamboo Airways regret to announce that it will suspend the operation of international flights from Da Nang/ Nha Trang to Incheon from 01/04/2020 to the end of 20/04/2020.

This may affect your travel plans, but this is an extremely necessary action to protect the safety of you and your family and to prevent disease from spreading out to the community as well.

In order to support passengers whose flights are affected by changes in schedules, Bamboo Airways applies the policy of refund/ rebook for one time with free of charge to May or June 2020.

For further details of our policy in the period of Covid-19 epidemic, please click HERE , or contact our hotline:

Country Phone number
Viet Nam 19001166 or 02432333233 ext: 1811
Korea +82-2-6328-1166
Taiwan +886 2 2578-6610
Czech +420 296 368 278

Thank you !