With an aim to improve the experience for members, as well as increase the options for using bonus points, Bamboo Club now agree to convert bonus points to qualifying points. Specifically:

1. Convert rate: 16,000 bonus points = 100 qualifying points

  • The converted qualifying points will be a multiple of 100 (ie 100, 200, 300... qualifying points).
  • The maximum of qualifying points can be converted is 2000 points/year (from January 1 to December 31 every year).
  • Points are not convertible between account.

2. Point conversion fee:

  • Vietnam: 200,000 VND/transaction
  • International: 10 USD/transaction

3. Validation: The program is valid from 01/07/2022

4. Instructions to redeem points: Please send an email as the following form to for convert-point request:

  • Title: Request to convert bonus points to qualifying points_[member’s number
  • Content: Member's full name, date of redemption, number of bonus points to be converted (which is a multiple of 16,000).

Time for Bamboo Club to confirm information & process: 3-5 working days.

For further information, please contact:
Call center (24/7): 19001133 (fee: 1,000 VND/minute)
Zalo: Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways