On May 30, 2023, Bamboo Airways's leaders of Bamboo Airways welcomed the delegation of International Air Transport Association (IATA) at headquarters in Hanoi. 

As a member of IATA, Bamboo Airways has actively worked with IATA on many aspects, aiming to enhance the digital transformation and customer experiences. Many impressive achievements have been recorded in the process. At the same time, IATA plays a crucial role in bridging Bamboo Airways and aviation corporations in the region and worldwide. 

On such basis, CEO Nguyen Minh Hai expressed interest in leveraging the comprehensive collaboration with IATA to the upper level. 

Regarding personnel, Bamboo Airways expected to implement the IATA Professional Training for the airline’s middle management. This will foster Bamboo Airways’ operation and management capacity and fulfill expansion demands down the line. 

Given the aviation personnel shortage in many regions, this global standard training is also significant for Bamboo Airways to support other airline partners in providing highly qualified personnel such as technicians, engineers, cabin crew, ground staff, etc. 

Regarding digital transformation, Bamboo Airways showed special interest in IATA’s promising initiatives, Modern Airline Retailing and ONE Record. 

In particular, Modern Airline Retailing encompasses more modern industry approach including the NDC standard modernizing the digital communications between airlines, travel agents, third parties, IT service providers, to distribute airline content. This is among essential first steps for airlines to better engage with customers by creating offers and tailoring them to meet customer’s needs. 

ONE Record is a data-sharing standard whose aim is to improve the efficiency, transparency and collaboration in the air cargo industry. It sets the foundation for the digitization of the air cargo industry. 

With the outstanding benefits of IATA’s digital solutions, Bamboo Airways believes this will significantly support its international collaborations in the future. 

In the process of gearing up digital transformation, Bamboo Airways has teamed up with the world’s leading technology company Amadeus on selecting Altéa Passenger Service System (PSS) to deliver superior services and meet demands in operation, sales, customer service, etc. The airline has also implemented Amadeus’ groundbreaking Network Revenue Management solution powered with AI, and Amadeus Reference Experience to shape excellent customer experiences. 

Besides, Bamboo Airways also launched its cargo subsidiary – Bamboo Airways Cargo to strengthen freight transportation in Vietnam and worldwide. 

Philip Goh, Regional Vice President Asia Pacific, together with the delegation of IATA, highly valued Bamboo Airways’ participation and support for IATA’s initiatives, and will work with Bamboo Airways on the implementation of these initiatives, including Modern Airline Retailing (such as NDC, One Order), and ONE Record, as well as Bamboo Airways’ training needs. 

CEO Nguyen Minh Hai shared that Bamboo Airways has entered a new phase of recovery and potential development, with the support of its new investor, and is ready to join IATA in upcoming projects to ensure the safety and development of the aviation industry.