Bamboo Airways cooperates with AHT Tech to build the Bamboo Web Portal and Bamboo Club Loyalty Portal systems

Bamboo Airways, in our commitment to delivering an excellent customer experience, has partnered with our technology partner AHT Tech to upgrade the Bamboo Web Portal and Bamboo Club Loyalty Portal. This strategic initiative embodies our promise and underscores the pivotal role of a trusted digital solutions provider like AHT Tech in delivering the promised value to customers.

On September 27th, 2023, Bamboo Airways proudly unveiled our revamped website with an eye-catching design, a modern interface, and user-friendly functionalities. Notably, the airline has harnessed the power of Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to upgrade two critical portals: Bamboo Web Portal and Bamboo Club Loyalty Portal. These two gateways will enable centralized management of user data, facilitating the seamless creation of real-time personalized customer experiences.

Elevating Customer Experience With Digital Solutions

To enhance customer satisfaction, Bamboo Airways and AHT Tech executed a strategy focusing on six core areas: accessibility, personalization, service convenience, purchase convenience, channel flexibility, and simplicity and ease of use. 

Over a span of six months, Bamboo Airways collaborated with technology partner AHT Tech, a leading DXP solutions consultant in Vietnam, to modernize and infuse the latest digital experience technology into the portals. This included functionalities like automatic user location and language detection upon website access, tailored promotional programs, and personalized ticket purchasing information.

Furthermore, the DXP platform guarantees uninterrupted operation of Bamboo Airways' website, even during peak traffic periods. It complies with stringent information security and data protection standards such as GDPR and KISA. The platform also safeguards against website attacks, ensuring stable performance. A real-time monitoring system and form-based reporting system further fortify security measures.


Modern and User-friendly Interface

The Bamboo Web Portal and Bamboo Club Loyalty Portal boast a contemporary and visually striking interface. Drawing inspiration from the symbolic bamboo of Vietnam, the website's redesign incorporates modern elements, reflecting the dynamic ethos of the airline. Compliance with WCAG standards ensures enhanced accessibility for individuals with disabilities, featuring easily readable fonts, customizable text colors and contrast, logical content sequencing, and visually distinct content blocks.


Tailored Digital Experience with AHT Tech Solutions

International customers accessing the Bamboo Airways website across various devices and platforms can seamlessly utilize the airline's services, thanks to the automatic location recognition feature. Following the deployment of the Bamboo Web Portal, this feature will support display in six languages across eleven nations and facilitate transactions in multiple currencies.

Complementing the revamped Bamboo Club Loyalty Portal, the Bamboo Club page now sports a contemporary interface with self-service capabilities. It empowers customers to effortlessly track their activity history, accrue points, and convert them into rewards from the Bamboo Airways ecosystem. These include flight and vacation packages, golf experiences, entertainment options, and an array of vouchers from our extensive and reputable partner network.


Pioneering the Way in Vietnam

In an era of evolving customer expectations and behaviors, Bamboo Airways remains steadfast in its pursuit of providing an unparalleled digital customer experience. With the invaluable collaboration of AHT Tech, Bamboo Airways aspires to lead the way in redefining the standards of customer satisfaction in the airline industry.