Refund, Cancellation, Rebook, Reroute

I. Refund, Cancellation, Rebook, Reroute policy for airfare components

1. Base fare:

For base fare, the fees for refunds/cancellations/changes are either waived or assessed based on different fee structures, depending on the type of itinerary and fare class. Detailed information can be found in Fare rules HERE.


2. Tax, fee, surcharge:

Tax, Fee, Surcharge

Voluntary Involuntary
Refund Exchange Refund Exchange
Ticketing fee X X X X
Admin Surcharge V V V X
Fuel Surcharge V V V X
Airport Taxes and Taxes paid to Authorities V V V X



  • Voluntary: Due to passengers 
  • Involuntary: Due to The Carrier (incase of cancellation, unusual or special situations)
  • X: non-refundable/ non-exchangable
  • V: refundable/ exchangable


3. Additional service fees:

- For refunds, cancellations, or changes to prior itinerary/ flight, no refunds or changes are allowed under any circumstances.

- For ancillary service fees (e.g., seat selection, excess baggage, insurance, airport service upgrades, priority check-in, etc.):

  • Refunds and changes are allowed in case of involuntary flight cancellations or changes.
  • Refunds and changes are NOT allowed in case of voluntary flight cancellations or changes.

II. Refund/Cancellation or Rebook/Reroute rules

- The fees above have included Value Added Tax (VAT);

- The same refund/cancellation /rebook/reroute fee shall apply for adult and children. No fee for infant;

- Repricing the whole itinerary in case of refund/ cancellation;

- And/or repricing the unused itinerary in case of rebook/reroute;

- Only allow to rebook/reroute to equal or higher fare class only;

- Passenger have to pay change fee and difference (if any);

- In case of fare type combination, the most restricted rule shall be applied;

- Admin Surcharge, Fuel Surcharge and taxes are refundable in case ticket is refundable.


*Application processing fee: A surcharge of 100,000 VND/segment (VAT excluded) is applied for flights departing from Ha Noi/Ho Chi Minh City/Da Nang/Nha Trang/Da Lat/Hai Phong/Vinh and 50,000 VND/segment (VAT excluded) is applied for the remaining routes.

The above surcharge levels are applied to adult passengers. The document handling surcharge applied for children is 50% of that for adults.


Refund amount


Creditshell account Original payment account
Involuntary refund * 110% refundable amount

100% refundable amount (refund fee will be applied if any)

Voluntary refund 105% refundable amount

100% refundable amount (refund fee will be applied if any)

* Involuntary refund will be applied incase Bamboo Airways changes the schedule at least 3 hours (delayed) or 1 hour (early departure), and the flight is completely canceled without a replacement flight. 


Reference: Refund ticket instructions