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Elderly passengers

For elderly passengers aged 60 years or older with Vietnamese nationality, Bamboo Airways applies a preferential price equal to 85% of the basic fare for Bamboo Economy booking class.

Applicable sales channels: Bamboo Airways’ official ticket offices, including central ticket offices and last-minute ticket offices at the airport.

Conditions attached: Passengers present identification documents (original or notarized copy)

Applicable itinerary: Vietnam domestic

Applicable ticket class: Bamboo Economy (Y, W, S, B, H, K, L, M, N, Q)

Application period: Apply for travel from November 15, 2019.

What do elderly people need to prepare when traveling by plane?

In addition to identification documents, to ensure health when traveling by plane, elderly passengers need to prepare some necessary medical drugs in hand luggage for easy use when needed.

Before flight:

For passengers with a history of blood pressure, heart, lung diseases, etc., they should prepare specialized drugs under the advice and guidance of a specialist doctor at least 4 weeks before the flight. Some suggested drugs to bring along the journey such as: Blood pressure medicine, spray for asthma, diabetes, anti-sickness medicine, wind oil…

In flight:

On the plane, passengers need to limit the use of carbonated drinks and foods that cause bloating such as beans, milk and dairy products, vegetables with indigestible sugars such as bean sprouts, celery, etc. asparagus…

If passengers use hearing aids, before taking off and landing, turn the volume down to avoid ear damage.

Going to the toilet regularly will help blood circulation better, avoiding fatigue during long flights.

Stretch the muscles in your legs to reduce stiffness and muscle fatigue.

With Bamboo Airways, passengers who are elderly / people with meritorious services to the Revolution will be prioritized by the airline’s ground staff to board the plane first at the departure gate. On the plane, flight attendants will assist passengers to find seats and arrange luggage neatly.

For any detailed information that needs to be supported when booking, please contact us at Hotline 19001166 or go to the ticket offices / genuine ticket agents for advice.

Wishing all passengers a wonderful flying experience with Bamboo Airways!