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Thanh Hoa is a miniature image of Vietnam, an interesting and tourist-attractive place that you should visit once. The province possesses the full potential economic features: mountains, midland, coastal delta, abundant resources including real-estate, forest, mineral resources.

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Thanh Hoa
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Thanh Hoa

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Thanh Hoa is a city in the North Central region, the northern of Thanh Hoa is 150 km far from Hanoi and adjacent to Ninh Binh Province, Hoa Binh Province and Son La Province with a borderline spanning 175 km. Thanh Hoa borders with Nghe An province in the South with borderline of 160 km and its east is the East Sea with 102 km coastline. The west is bordered by the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, with a 192 km borderline running through rough high mountains.

This is also home of seven ethnic minority brothers including Kinh, Muong, Thai, Dao, Mong, Tho and Kho Mu with their own distinct characteristics of Thanh Hoa’s culture.


Thanh Hoa is characterized both the weather of the North and the Central region with tropical monsoon and two distinct hot and cold seasons. Hot season starts from May to Octoberwith high temperature up to 39-40oC but it is very ideal to play exciting water sports. The cold season from November to April next year with the northeast monsoon with little rain and temperature can be dropped to 5 to 6 oC.

How to get to Thanh Hoa

There are many options to go to Thanh hoa:

  • Aircraft: This is the fastest and most convenient way to travel. Taking only about 1 hour to come the beautiful land. You can find any flight from Ho Chi Minh City, including Bamboo Airways with many special promotions in a year to be ready for the trip to Thanh Hoa.
  • Train: with only one North-South route .
  • Car: is the only convenient and suitable vehicle for visitors coming from Hanoi with the distance of about 150km. And the Bus routes to Thanh Hoa running from the Giap Bat station, My Dinh station to almost locations in Thanh Hoa city.

Getting around 

  • Taxi: is always convenient and easy to pick up and to move quickly to any destination. However, traveling around the city by the vehicle is quite costly!
  • Motorbike: You will be free to go to anywhere you like with the rental service. It’s really an interesting experience!
  • E-bus: are commonly used in two locations: Sam Son and Hai Tien to serve travelers around the area. Sitting on the electric car and breathing in the air to see nature is one of the most enjoyable experiences.

Must-visited sites

  • Pu Luong : is a must-see site with majestic nature. The endless array of terraced fields, combined with the fresh air, will make you full of vitality. Pù Luông peak is 1,700m in height and boasts appealing caves to explore like Sơn- Bá- Mười, Kho Mường and bản Hiêu Falls.
  • Sam Son beach : Sam Son beach spans 6 km of coast line and is 16 km far from Thanh Hoa city with beautiful sceneries including Trong Mai Rock, Doc Cuoc Temple, Co Tien moutain, Truong Le moutain…featuring fine white sand, moderate waves, warm and transparent blue sea.
    • Sam Son beach is highlighted with FLC Luxury Hotel and resort complex – the first 5 star international standard resort in the North and North Central region to stay and relax or find yourself a private space.  All rooms feature stunning views towards to beach, full view of the largest salt water swimming pool in Vietnam. For a truly memorable holiday FLC has villas that include a garden and private pool. Perfect for a family with 5-10 people.
  • Hai Tien beach: is one of the most beautiful beaches featuring harmoniously between untouched natural beauty and tranquil lifestyle without less modern infrastructure. Visitors indulge not only fresh air, many convenient services, exciting activities on the beach but also enjoy fresh seafood from the sea.
  • Cam Luong magic fish stream : is located 60km from Thanh Hoa city center on the western mountainous area of Thanh Hoá. The fish are cared for by ethnic minority people Mường, Thái. The stream is sacred, fishing in it will cause offense to the gods and shall bring disaster for transgressors and their community. This sacred site attracts thousands of visitors each year who come to pray and view the sacred fish.
  • Ho dynasty Citadel: is an only firm and unique architecture remained in Southeast Asia and one of the few stone ramparts in the world recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage.
  • Ben En National Park is located 36 km far from Thanh Hoa city in the southwest with many precious species : 1389 species of plants such as green ironwood, etc., 1004 species of animals and 66 species of mammals.
  •  Dong Son ancient village : is a small village on the south bank of the Ma River, next to Ham Rong Bridge featuring a traditional Vietnamese village with a large, fertile field at front side and surrounded by intermingled and small rocky mountains.

Top sites with good food, cheap prices in Thanh Hoa

  • Neverland Food is at 36 Hàng Than steet, Thanh Hóa city, famous for Chicken rice that is processed in many ways such as fried chicken, fried chicken, honey grilled chicken and spicy chicken.
  • Bò né ngon at 36 Tô Vĩnh Diện  famous for beef. Beef here is soft and delicious and often comes with fried eggs.
  • Fried shrimp bà Thật at 9 Lê Thị Hoa, Lam Sơn district, Thanh Hóa city.
  • Spring rolls, mixed noodles at 487 Lê Hoàn, Thanh Hóa city, just 30k to 50k / set.
  • Noodle Soup Mười Béo is opposite to 60 Cửa Hậu, Thanh Hóa city, just 30k / set plus free tea.


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