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Known as a pearl island in the Vietnam’s southwest, attracting both tourists and international investors – Phu Quoc is always an ideal destination for both domestic and international tourists thanks to its romantic beauty and blue sea.

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Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam, covered with green forests and shimmering white sand. Phu Quoc was previously known as a fishing village and is famous for its pepper farms and fish sauce production sites rather than tourist resorts. All changed as the government has been drawing foreign investors to Phu Quoc to turn the province into leading tourist destination in Vietnam.

A number of new hotels, roads and resorts have been built, but Phu Quoc Island still remains the pure and natural features of a tropical region.


Phú Quốc Island has a tropical climate which has three seasons: High, Shoulder and Low Season.

High Season: During the period between November to March, where the daily maximum temperature is typically and on average about 31 C, and the daily minimum temperatures (before sunrise) about 23 C. The skies are generally sunny, with possibly some light high cloud in early morning that clears by mid-morning, and the humidity is at it lowest throughout the year.

Shoulder Season: During the period between April to June and late October, where the temperatures are a bit higher than during the high season, and the humidity around 80-85%. Crowds are less during this time and good chances of reasonable weather.

Low Season: During the period between July to September, which is dominated by the monsoons.

Must-visited sites

An Thoi Islands: an archipelago of 15 islands and islets off the southern coast of Phu Quoc, you can experience diving with snorkel mask to view stunning vista and reef in transparent blue sea.

Dinh Cau : is also known as the Temple of Long Vương, was built in 1937 to worship Mau and featured a lighthouse for safe sea trips.

Phu Quoc Prison :was the living evidence for the extremely brutal crimes of aggression colonialism and imperialism, while it proved the indomitable spirit and valiant struggle of revolutionaries. Tourists are free to visit daily from 7:30 to 11:00 and from 13:30 to 16:00.

Getting around

  • Night squid fishing tours, though run by many different operators, are relatively standardized throughout Phú Quốc. Boats leave at sunset, stop at a seafood barge (where you can buy fresh seafood that the crew will cook for you), and continue to just outside the harbor for ‘squid fishing’ in which you drop a hook into the water (without bait) and hope for the best. Typically nobody but the captain catches anything, but at least the crew will prepare some squid congee for you (included in the tour price), along with steamed sea urchins. Treat it as a sunset boat ride with a small dinner, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • Snorkeling/fishing tours are also run by many different operators in a standardized fashion. All are combination snorkeling and fishing tours; there are none focusing exclusively on one or the other. There is the northern coastline or southern islands tour. The southern islands tour may include less time on water, but more time on land (e.g. at the various pearl, fish sauce, or souvenir shops) as well as popular tourist stops like Sao (Starfish) Beach and/or the former prisons. Each tour varies in the exact stops (which are not guaranteed anyhow) and the precise lunch menu. However, the tours generally begin with a stop at a floating seafood barge where you can buy something for them to cook; then continue on to 2-3 snorkeling or fishing spots. At some point they serve a freshly-made Vietnamese family style lunch– since these are large boats, the kitchen is big enough to cook a real meal.
  • Private boat tours The better sites are generally farther away, and will cost more in fuel to reach. Make sure you arrange for transportation as well– this is not always included with a private tour.
  • Private land tours: Generally it’s impossible to get the drivers to totally forgo these “commission” stops; however, some of the larger pearl farms offer nice (but possibly artificial) beaches as well as pearl harvesting demonstrations or exhibits that may be worth your while.


  • Bich NguyênTran Hung Dao, Dương Đông (Near Chez Carole, 20 meters down on the road to Kim Hoa resort). Small family owned restaurant serving fresh Vietnamese food.  
  • Night MarketDương ĐôngFrom 18.00 there are lots of small restaurants open on the street of the night market. Great, cheap local food. In October 2013 it was pretty expensive – made for tourists. You better find local food on the main street near the traffic lights.From 20,000 Dong
  • Ganesh Indian Restaurant97 Trang Hung Dao, Dương ĐôngGanesh is probably the only Indian restaurant on the island. The food is OK, but not quite up to the standards you can experience outside India in countries like UK or Australia. 
  • Hung Long147B Tran Hung Dao St, Dương Đông town, Phú Quốc Island, (on the main road, near la veranda resort, at about 300m from the resort’s street, on the main road, 20 meters far away from Coi Nguon Museum). Restaurant opened mid-2013. The restaurant has about 5 tables. There is no menu yet (as of Oct. 2013). You come in the restaurant, and the son will tell you the plates of the day. You can also order your meal for lunch or dinner (tell them before so they can go to the market and buy the ingredients).Basically, you tell them what you want to eat, and they will prepare it for you. Mother and son cook together. Price is really fair and food is really good: fresh and tasty. Perfect for people who look for authenticity, friendly atmosphere, good food, and fair price. 
  • Family Inn (Ngoc-Danh Quyen), Ap Ong Lang (next to beach and resorts). 9.00-22.30Family run, cooking by a woman who has 25 years cooking experience in various resorts, all dishes freshly prepared and bought in the morning on the market, popular with upper class Vietnamese. While you wait for your food you get profound information about Phú Quốc in English, German, and Italian, ticketservice ticket service , WIFI, take away food, home delivery ,motorbike rental with or without driver, prices lower than in the adjacent resorts. 
  • Hardy’s German Bakery & CaféTran Hung Dao St, Dương Đông town , Phú Quốc IslandRun by a German-Vietnamese couple, this cafe offers traditional German style dark bread and rolls. Great for breakfast. Also available are various freshly baked chocolate cakes. Outdoor seating and takeaway options.


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