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Located between two famous destinations of the ancient imperial capital of Hue and the ancient port city of Hoi An, The city has invested in infrastructure and created events like the international fireworks festival and international sport tournaments.

Da Nang is a true beach city with Vietnam’s top luxury resorts, broad beaches, fantastic street food the fabled Hai Van Pass, and a growing collection of cafes, restaurants, and bars. But much of the beaches still belongs to the people who make it their playground, gym, and source of livelihood.

Short facts

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Da Nang

Weather forecast


Da Nang Weather is a tropical monsoon climate with rainy and dry seasons. Hence, Da Nang is wonderful from February to August year round with beautiful sunlight and less affected by storms. Besides, the period from September to January next year is rainy season so carry an umbrella with you during this time of the year. And especially the period from October to December is usually affected by storms, it’s quite dangerous for you.

If you want to save costs, going to Da Nang in the period from January to April, the weather is cool and also less rainy so it is convenient for your trip. Moreover, it’s great to enjoy the international fireworks festival if you come to Da Nang in late April / early May with 2 big holidays of April 30 and May 05 in Vietnam.

Getting around

You can go around Danang with many options :

  • Motorbike: Motorbike rental service in Da Nang is very popular and trustworthy. It’s available at the hotel, motel you stay at the rates range from VND 150,000 to 200,000 / day on the basis of vehicle’s quality. You should choose new motorcycle and check its engine before receiving it to avoid problem on the way.
  • Taxi: Taxi service is very good without any difference among taxi companies. Some reputable taxi companies you can use like Mai Linh, Tien Sa, Han River, Vinashin, Taxi Airport …
  • Bus: The bus routes are covered everywhere. It’s easy for you to get around.
  • Pedicab: If you want to enjoy leisurely the streets on a classic vehicle with a memorable experience. Pedicab is the best option. Pedicab rental service is available at Cham Museum and Bach Dang Street.

The must-visit sites

  • Thousand-year Banian : A banian tree has existed for more than a thousand years in the north of Son Tra peninsula, is called “village elder of the mountains and forests”. The tree is higher than 26m with leafy foliage, and up to 26 secondary roots to firm the banian. Visiting here, visitors will be heard about mysterious stories and the tree’s magic worded during the last hundreds of years.
  • The Son Tra Peninsula strikes out into the ocean, its densely forested hillsides are home to rhesus macaques, long-tailed macaques, pygmy lorises, and the endangered red shanked douc langur — one of the world’s most striking primates. Grab some binoculars, hire a motorbike, and head out for a day of wildlife spotting.
  • Opened in 2013, the Bà Nà Cable Car was ranked third among the 11 most impressive cable cars in the world by The Daily Telegraph (UK). The Bà Nà Cable Car has achieved 4 world records, including the world record for the longest non-stop single track cable car with a length of 5,801 metres. This transport system is able to carry 1,500 visitors per hour at a speed of six metres per second. The Mountain Resort offers attractions and spiritual landmarks, not to mention the breathtaking views from the top.
  • The Golden Bridge, in the midst of the Truong Son forest, this bridge stands out in yellow. Noteworthy, the Golden Bridge is supported by the enormous gray hands, so it creates the unique beautiful scenery of Ba Na Hills. With 150 m in length, 8 spans and 1,400 m above the sea level, the bridge is the best place for you to get the perfect picture.
  • My Khe Beach is voted one of the six most attractive beaches in the world by Forbes magazine. The beach spans 900m with flat sands and suitable sea wave level for swimming and playing sports.


Da Nang is a dream destination for foodies, with scores of seafront eateries serving every night of the week. Banh mi—the Vietnamese baguette—is taken to a new level here. Mi quang is another delight and every Da Nang local will offer an opinion on where to find the best. Each bowl features yellow rice noodles, pork, shrimp, and a flavour-infused broth topped off with chopped peanuts, quail eggs and plenty of fresh herbs.

  • Mrs Thoi’s Seafood – 98 Le Dinh Duong street
  • Fried fish noodles – 109 Nguyen Chi Thanh street
  • Beef Stew – 144 Huynh Thuc Khang street
  • Mrs Thuyen’s vermicelli soup, K424 / 03 Le Duan street
  • Pork rolls – 4 Le Duan street / 35 Do Thuc Tinh street
  • Mrs. Duong’s sizzling pancake (banh xeo) – K280 / 23 Hoang Dieu street
  • clear flour cake, Ba Be restaurant – 100 Hoang Van Thu street
  • Mrs Vị’s Quang noodles – 155 Trung Nu Vuong street
  • Thanh Nhan duck soup – 384 Phan Chau Trinh street
  • Hoi An chicken rice and cao lau – 193 Nguyen Chi Thanh street
  • Huong sweet soup, 288 Phan Châu Trinh street.

And you also can go to the luxury restaurants nearby the Han River or enjoy seafood at the restaurants near the beach. If you want to experience local cuisine, visit the Da Nang Food Tour.

How to get to Da Nang

The Danang International Airport has a number of daily flights from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, as well as other major cities in Vietnam. There are also a growing number of international connecting flights from Hong Kong, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, China, Bangkok, and Singapore.

– Airline: Bamboo Airways offers direct flights from multiple cities in Vietnam.


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