8th April 2022 - 15:36

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With an absolute certificate of 7/7 star on our Covid-19 prevention process rated by Airline Ratings, Bamboo Airways is constantly upgrading and adjusting depending on the actual situation to meet the health and safety standards of the Vietnamese Government as well as international aviation and medical organizations.

To assure the absolute safety for all passengers and bring the fulfilling experience of “More than just a flight”, let’s find out about our Covid-19 prevention measures at every step of your journey.


1. Before departure / Check-in

  • All passengers are required to wear a mask at all times and have their temperatures checked before entering the airport.
  • Staff have to wear masks and suitable PCD as prescribed and are vaccinated at least 2 doses.
  • Passengers must scan a QR code on the PC-Covid app.
  • Automatic contactless hand washing machines are equipped all over the airport and all stalls are equipped with a sneeze guard.
  • To avoid direct contact, passengers can use self check-in kiosks with contactless payment or conduct all procedures on our website.
  • Passengers are required to maintain social distancing according to floor markings.
  • Airport ticket offices and check-in counters are carefully sanitized and cleaned.

2. Lounge

  • First Lounge by Bamboo Airways is equipped according to the Ministry of Health’s 5K principles with floor markings, temperature measurement, hand sanitizer, and boarding pass self-scanners.
  • Staff change gloves regularly and sanitize their hands before serving passengers.
  • Areas in the lounge are frequently cleaned and sanitized.
  • Eating and buffet utensils are changed every 30 minutes and sanitized carefully.
  • Lavatories are fully equipped with personal amenity kits and limited in number of people using at the same time.

3. Boarding gate

  • All cabin crew of Bamboo Airways are fully vaccinated with 3 doses and wear personal protective equipment suitable for each flight.
  • Passengers are required to board in small groups to maintain social distancing and have temperature checked before boarding.
  • Passengers must wear masks properly throughout the flight.
  • The aircraft is equipped with HEPA filters.
  • All service equipment on the aircraft are sanitized and served according to flight service standards (meal tray, magazine, wet tissue…).
  • Meals are placed on one-time-used trays and cabin crew always wear masks and gloves when serving customers during the flight.
  • All areas in the aircraft are cleaned and sanitized frequently before, during and after the flight.

4. Inflight

  • All trolleys for dining service and inflight va devices are sanitized to prevent the remnant of virus.
  • The cabin is sprayed with disinfectant carefully throughout the plane.
  • Staff need to wear a medical protective suit to set up supplies with seals.

5. Arrival

  • Arrival baggages, suitcases are sanitized carefully.
  • The Lost & Found counter is equipped with a protective screen and hand sanitizer.
  • Staff always wear masks, gloves and face shields during working hours.