New branded fare matrix

19th October 2020 - 14:29

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In order to meet various needs of customers, catch up with the general trend of the aviation industry in the world and towards the 5-star international standard. Since October 25, 2020, Bamboo Airways has launched a set of new branded fare matrix with the message “fly it your way“.

New branded fare matrix is the general benefits of customers including: conditions of ticket refund/ rebook, fare upgrade, airport changeover, seat pre-selection, priority check-in counters, plus miles, business lounges and other ancillary services, and general rules of fares and associated conditions.

With FLEXIBLE, DIVERSE, and ECONOMY, Bamboo Airways’ new branded fare matrix is expected to offer customers the best experience, helping customers easily choose the appropriate fares with your needs and affordability. Instead of the current three classes of Bamboo Eco, Bamboo Plus and Bamboo Business fares, Bamboo Airways launches 8 new fare classes encapsulated in 3 service compartments with a simple and friendly name, as following:

1. Bamboo Business – including 2 fare classes:

– Business Flex.

– Business Smart.

2. Bamboo Premium – including 2 fare classes:

– Premium Flex.

– Premium Smart.

3. Bamboo Economy – including 4 fare classes:

– Economy Flex

– Economy Smart

– Economy Saver

– Economy Saver Max

The new version of Bamboo Business (Bamboo Business) basically retains the existing classes, plus the checked baggage allowance is raised to 40-55 kg (depending on the flight route you choose. ).

Especially, this is the first time that Bamboo Airways has put into operation a special Bamboo Premium compartment (Bamboo Premium). With a reasonable price and accompanying conditions (depending on the route you choose) such as: including 7kg of carry-on baggage and 30-45 kg of checked baggage, flexible re-name, re-route, refund…, this is the new and best option for you to have a comfortable experience with Bamboo Airways’ good services for this cabin service and flexibility in conditions of fare.

In addition, Bamboo Airways builds the compartment of Bamboo Economy (Bamboo Economy), including 4 groups of fare to be suitable for those who want to maximize cost savings, and still can receive free offers such as: free of 7 kg carry-on baggage as well as a free food and beverage during your flight. For Economy class (Economy saver) and above, you can rebook, re-name, use checked baggage, and earn Bamboo Club points…

Options for fare classes suiting your needs and allowing you to experience Bamboo Airways’ dedicated service and a comfortable flight.