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5th March 2022 - 8:36

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Dear Valued Customers,

On the occasion of launching an updated version of Bamboo Airways mobile application with many newly-added functions to provide customer a more convenient experience, Bamboo Club would like to introduce our promotion program for all members: Join Bamboo Club now – Instant offers.

1. Applicable period: from 05/03/2022 to 15/03/2022.

2. Applicable channel: Bamboo Airways mobile application.

3. Contents:

  • 500 welcome bonus points for customers installing and joining Bamboo Club successfully via Bamboo Airways mobile application (Enrolments via Bamboo Airways website are not applied).
  • An up-to-50% discount promotion when members log in and make reservations on Bamboo Airways mobile app.

The promotion is applied to base fare of the ticket and not available on Bamboo Airways website. After signing in member account, member information (Full name, Date of birth, Membership number,…) will be autofilled during the reservation. Qualifying points/sectors and bonus points will be accumulated automatically after 2 days for eligible flights.

Applicable fare group Domestic itinerary International itinerary
5% off 10% off 50% off 10% off  50% off
Economy Saver All flights from/ to Con Dao 1. Ha Noi – Cam Ranh/ Phu Quoc/ Quy Nhon/ Ho Chi Minh City/ Rach Gia.

2. Da Nang/ Ho Chi Minh City – Phu Quoc

Other itinerary 1. Ha Noi – Taipei/ Frankfurt (Germany)/ Narita (Japan).

2. Ho Chi Minh City – Melboune (Australia)

 1. Ho Chi Minh City – Singapore/ Bangkok (Thailand)

2. Ha Noi – Incheon (Korea)

3. Ha Noi – Heathrow (UK)

Economy Saver Max
Applicable period Until 29/10/2022.
Blackout date:
Hung Kings’ commemoration: 08/04 – 18/04/2022.
 Reunification Day & International Labor Day: 30/04 – 01/05; 29/04 – 04/05/2022.
Independence Day: 01/09 – 06/09/2022

Until 28/04/2022.
No blackout date.

  • Terms & conditions: Follow the fare conditions of the ticket purchased.
  • Reservations must be made at least 5 days before departure date.

Note: The promotion will not be applied to reservation which payment and ticketing made after the applicable period and the fare may be higher.

4. Discover the new functions of Bamboo Club on mobile application:

Please find the detailed intruction of each function at the link provided.



Member profile Member registration/Member sign-in/Forgot password
My profile
My Family
Information Look-up My flights (upcoming/completed journeys)
Recent activities
Points calculator
Points accumulation and Tier qualification Retro claims
Qualifying points purchase (Domestic card payment accepted. Credit card payment available from 25/03/2022)
Points transfer and Points purchase Bonus points purchase (Domestic card payment accepted. Credit card payment available from 25/03/2022)
Points transfer
Member referral
Redemption Award ticket
Bamboo Shop redemption
GrabRewards Points exchange
Viettel++ points exchange


  • Call center: 19001133 (fee: 1,000vnd/ minute)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Zalo: Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways