Bamboo Club membership card discount

15th September 2020 - 8:13

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Dear Valued Customers,

To express our appreciation for your continuing trust and support for Bamboo Airways and our loyalty program Bamboo Club, we would like to announce: 50% discount offer on Bamboo Club membership card promotion from August 01, 2020.


1. 50% discount offer for Bamboo Club membership:


Package name Tier Validity Original Price (VND)

(VAT included)

Offer Discounted Price (VND)

(VAT included)

Bamboo Club Gold 12 months 25.300.000 50% discount 12.650.000
Diamond 50.600.000 50% discount 25.300.000
First 75.900.000 50% discount 37.950.000


2. Payment process:

Step 1: Wire transfer payment.

Member to purchase the membership (includes the equivalent amount of points for each tier) by:

Wire transferring to Bamboo Club’s banking account:


0861100069666 at TMCP Quân đội (MB Bank) – Ba Đình branch

Payment memo: Member’s full name – Membership number (or official ID number) – Gold/Diamond/First payment.

Step 2: Payment completion confirmation.

After completing the payment, please send your receipt confirmation to Bamboo Club at this email address: [email protected] attach the receipt picture of the payment. Bamboo Club will proceed to verify and confirm the payment.

Please refer to Member Privileges and Membership Eligibility of Bamboo Club through the embedded links.


3. Contacts:

Hotline Bamboo Club: 0984 418068

Email: [email protected]

If you have not registered to be a Bamboo Club member, please sign up HERE.

Thank you for choosing Bamboo Club.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bamboo Airways’ flights.


Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways