3rd November 2020 - 9:28

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Dear Valued Member,

In order to meet the diverse needs of members, catch up with the worldwide trend of the aviation industry and towards the 5-star international standard, since October 25, 2020, Bamboo Airways has introduced a brand new group of fare classes with the message “Fly in your own way“.

With the three new price position of FLEX, SMART AND SAVER, Bamboo Airways’ new benefit package for these fares is expected to bring to our customers the most superior experience, helping them choose fare types that best suited to their needs and affordability. Instead of the current 3 fare classes Bamboo Eco, Bamboo Plus and Bamboo Business, Bamboo Airways launched 8 new fare classes consisted in the 3 service compartments with the following names:

Old fare class New fare class Bonus factor
Bamboo Business Business Flex 2
Business Smart 1.75
N/A Premium Flex 1.5
Premium Smart 1.25
Bamboo Plus Economy Flex 1
Economy Smart 0.5
Economy Saver 0.25
Bamboo Eco Economy Saver Max 0

 (These bonus factors applied to all domestic & international routes)


  • Bonus factor for the old Bamboo Business fare is 2, now separated into Business Flex & Business Smart, with the bonus factors respectively are 2 and 1.75
  • Add one more Premium fare class with the bonus factors of 1.5 and 1.25
  • Bamboo Plus is now separated into Eco Flex, Eco Smart and Eco Saver with the respective bonus factor of: 1, 0.5, and 0.25
  • Bamboo Eco is now changed to Eco Saver Max – the same accrual rule remains (flight is counted for tier qualification, not for bonus points)

Example: the qualification standards for the old Bamboo Plus is now for Eco Save fare class and up, Bamboo Eco is Eco Saver Max, Bamboo Business is now Business Flex and Business Smart.

The new version of Bamboo Business cabin compartment keeps most of its superior benefits, along with the new offer for checked baggage allowance up to 40-55kg (depends on the chosen routes).

Especially, this marks the first time Bamboo Airways introduce a Bamboo Premium cabin compartment. With a reasonable price and accompanying conditions (depending on the route customers choose) such as: 7kg of carry-on baggage and 30-45kg of checked baggage, flexible change of passenger name, change of flight itinerary, refund, … this is going to be the best and newest option for customers’ comfortable experience with Bamboo Airways’ preferential services for this cabin service and as well as for the flexibility in terms of fare.

Additionally, Bamboo Airways established Bamboo Economy compartment, consists of 4 price types

In addition, Bamboo Airways builds Bamboo Economy, including 4 price groups suitable for passengers who want to maximize cost savings, and still can receive complimentary services such as: 7kg complimentary hand baggage as well as 1 free meal and drink during flight. For Economy Saver and above, passengers can change tickets, change names, use checked baggage as well as earn Bamboo Club points…

Being able to choose a fare class that suits your needs and experience Bamboo Airways’ dedicated service will surely give you a comfortable flight.

If you have any questions, please contact Bamboo Club via:

Hotline 24/7: 19001166

 Email: [email protected]

Thank you for choosing Bamboo Club.

We look forward to welcoming you on board with Bamboo Airways.


Bamboo Club – BambooAirways