Bamboo Airways Attracts Flight Attendants with Handsome Salaries of USD 2,000

15th August 2018 - 17:14

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In preparation for the first takeoff in October, 2018, Bamboo Airways officially recruited hundreds of young, beautiful and passionate flight attendants with the salaries of up to USD 2,000.

Bamboo Airways is said to offer the highest salaries and the greatest incentives compared to other airlines of Vietnam.

In the first round of the recruitment, the Carrier has recruited 50 young flight attendants, many of whom have gained the long-term experience through working in Vietjet Air, Vietnam Airlines, etc. and also in many famous airlines worldwide such as Emirates, Eva Air, Korean Air, China Airlines, etc.

Striking appearances

The candidates selected by the Carrier are all good-looking with excellent problem-solving skill and language ability, who successfully passed all challenges in the interviews. Most of Bamboo Airways’ cabin crew have acquired experience in the aviation industry from many five-star airlines. The cabin crew is promised to satisfy the most discerning passengers.

Selected candidates will get to attend the training courses in both Vietnam and foreign countries. The ones in senior positions will be sent to prestigious international training academies for more qualifications and professional skills.

After these training courses, the candidates will join the official cabin crew with extremely competitive income along with many special incentives and opportunities of visiting numerous countries across the world.

This is the golden chance for the ones who wish to work in a professional environment with attractive offers and various exciting internal activities.

According to the representatives of Bamboo Airways, this recruitment will give priority to workers in the localities which are under the future flight network of the Airline, such as Thanh Hoa, Quy Nhon, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, etc.

“Bamboo Airways” Recruitment Day is within the strategy of developing a workforce meeting the international standards and becoming a 5-star-oriented Airline. I hope you will be our ambassadors in the future,” said the General Director of Bamboo Airways Dang Tat Thang.

Each candidate of Bamboo Airways must undergo 4 rounds of intense competition including: a scanning interview, an appearance test, a health check, an English writing test and the final interview. Moreover, all flight attendants must be high school or higher-education graduates who are from 20 to 30 years old with the TOEIC scores of above 500. There are also multiple other criteria to be met: having no tattoos or large scars, reaching the heights from 1m70 to 1m80 (for males),1m60 to 1m75 (for females) and from 1m58 (for flight attendants with experience), having 10/10 eyesight and standard BMI.

From April 2018, Bamboo Airways needs to fill nearly 600 vacancies in many different fields such as security, engineering, service, exploitation, maintenance, trade, etc.

Specifically, this Carrier will recruit approximately 90 technical personnel, 92 pilots (including captains and co-pilots), 250 flight attendants (including 45 chief flight attendants and 50 commercial personnel, etc.)