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Connecting flights for domestic and international routes

1. Rules for connecting Domestic – International and International – Domestic routes

– Only applicable to connecting flights operated by Bamboo Airways through Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang airports.

– Only applicable to connecting flights with a maximum connecting time at the transfer airport within 24 hours..

2. Minimum Connecting Time – MCT

– In Da Nang/ Ho Chi Minh City: 120 minutes

– In Ha Noi: 150 minutes

3. Domestic flight segments applied to connecting model and how to calculate fare

– For domestic routes: from Ha Noi/ Ho Chi Minh City/ Da Nang – to Buon Ma Thuot/ Nha Trang/ Da Lat/ Phu Quoc/ Pleiku/ Quy Nhon/ Can Tho/ Dong Hoi/ Vinh/ Hai Phong/ Ho Chi Minh City/ Ha Noi/ Da Nang/ Thanh Hoa/ Van Don/ Tuy Hoa/ Hue/ Chu Lai/ Rach Gia and vice versa.

4. Rules for checked and carry-on baggages

– Carry-on and checked baggages are subject to main international route. (main routing)

5. Principles for serving connecting passengers

– Check-in passengers and their baggage to the connecting point or the final point in the journey (depending on the connection of the check-in system and operating conditions of the departure or transfer airport). Currently, Bamboo Airways only carries out check-in passengers and their baggage for the connecting point.

– Arrange staff to pick up and guide passengers on airline procedures at the connecting airport if passengers are on connecting flights in the same day.

– Passengers must go through immigration, customs and security procedures at the connecting airport.

– Passengers check-in at the regular check-in counter for the respective connecting flight at the connecting airport in case they have not been able to check-in directly at the departure airport.

6. Transit guide


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