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Souvernir on domestic flights – Pre-order

1. Introduction

Each passenger’s flight is often associated with unforgettable memories. It can be a trip to bond with family, going around the world with friends or even picking up your backpack to explore the world with lots of interesting things on your own. On these journeys, meaningful souvenirs are likened to “anchors” reminding each person of memorable moments of the trip.

2. Souvenir information

One of Bamboo Airways’ souvenirs that has received a lot of love from passengers over recent time is the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner model. This model has a 1:200 scale with meticulous finishing, using high-quality materials, modern powder coating, wooden stand with luxury brand sign, being very suitable for display at the desk. , collection, gifts… conveying  good wishes for a strong rise.

Bamboo mascot plush toy” introduced by Bamboo Airways on domestic flights is one of the “brain-child” invested by the airline. Cutely designed, using soft and safe materials, the “Bamboo mascot plush toy ” can be used as a keychain or hook to a backpack or bag stylishly. “Bamboo mascot plush toy” in medium size can be used to decorate the living room, bedroom, private space or to hug on the bed.

A series of other products such as bamboo bookmark, Bamboo Airways airplane keychains are also focused on design, using environmentally friendly materials, promising to bring passengers satisfaction when using as well as making present.

3. How to order souvenirs on domestic flights (Pre-order)


Customers order directly on the flight. Please contact the flight attendant to get the order form:

Bamboo Airways staff will call customers to confirm the order, pack & deliver to the carrier. Customers pay for goods and shipping fees when receiving goods.

Customers get contact from the Catalogue & make a phone call the City Ticket  Office to order

Bamboo Airways staff will advise, confirm the total fees of the order and freight, pack & deliver to the carrier. Customers pay for goods and shipping fees upon receiving the order.


– Customers can pay by bank transfer in advance to Bamboo Airways staff’s account

– Price includes VAT and does not include shipping costs

4. Contact

For any questions about ordering souvenirs, please contact us at the phone numbers of the City Ticket Offices in 3 regions:

– Hanoi: 024-3233 3233 branch 1905-1906-1907

– Da Nang: 0963 848 411

– Ho Chi Minh: 0963 840 549