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Frequently asked questions

Q1: I’d like to modify my contact in PNR.

Step 1: Please send to the email [email protected] to request for modifying contact in PNR as Modification-form.

Please use registered email for booking to authenticate.

Step 2:  Bamboo Airways will send email to confirm your modification.

* Note: time to modify your contact in PNR:
– For international flights: Before 08 hours upon scheduled departure time.
– For domestic flights: Before 07 hours upon scheduled departure time.

Q2: I’d like to amend name.

1. Via email
– Please send to the email [email protected] , attached with identity card/ passport of the ticket owner.
– Please use registered email to authenticate. Bamboo Airways will send email to confirm name modification with fee (if any).
– Please feedback email or call hotline 19001166 to confirm your agreement.
– Please pay name change fee at Bamboo Airways’s airport ticket office.

2. Via Bamboo Airways’s ticket offices 

– Please come to the nearest ticket office for more details with your identity card/ passport, PNR.

* Note: time to modify your name:
– For international flights: Before 08 hours upon schedule departure time.
– For domestic flights: Before 07 hours upon schedule departure time.

Q3: I’d like to modify flight date/ time.

1. Via websiteMy bookings

– Click “my bookings”, input your information.

– Select “change flight”/”rebook flight”

– Select new flight date /Search

– Select flight

– Pay via credit card or domestic card (NAPAS).

2. Via Bamboo Airways’s ticket offices

Please come to the nearest ticket office for more details with your identity card/ passport and email confirmed successful booking.

* Note: Any amendment of booking, itinerary is applied to fare conditions.

Q4: How can i modify itinerary (destination)?

1. Hotline

– Please contact hotline 19001166 with registered phone number to authenticate.

– Bamboo Airways will inform fare (if any) and payment options. Please check information and confirm.

2. Via Bamboo Airways’s ticket offices

– Please come to the nearest ticket office for more details with your identity card/ passport and email confirmed successful booking.

* Note:

– Time to request new itinerary: Before 03 hours upon schedule departure time.

– Any changes can be paid from initial ticketed point or Bamboo Airways’s official ticket offices.

Q5: How can i refund my ticket ?

– In order to refund tickets, please complete refund form and send email to [email protected] or contact the Bamboo Airways ticket offices for assistance.

– Depending on the fare rules, the refund may not be allowed or a refund fee may be applied.

– If you send refund request via email, you should use registered email for your booking, unless the request is not accepted.

– Refund amount shall be transfered to the used card or account for your booking.

– For “pay later” by cash at ticket office or bank subsidiary, please come to Bamboo Airways’s offices in Vietnam to refund.

Q6: How can i book extra services such as extra baggage, seat selection ?

For ticketed booking, you can book extra services as following:

1) Website:

– If you booked via website, you can change booking and pay directly via tab My bookings which allows to manage your booking (change flight date/time, select seat, change contact, buy extra baggage, upgrade fare… and pay ticket), see flight status by inputting your PNR, last name.

2) Agent:

You can contact initial agent to change your booking, book extra services and settle payment.

3) Ticket office

– You can come to the nearest Bamboo Airways’s ticket office with your identity card/ passport and email confirmed successful booking (airport ticket office/ city ticket office) to change booking and pay before 03 hours upon schedule departure time.

* Note: Any amendment of booking, itinerary is applied to fare conditions.

4) Call center:

– If you call Call Center 1900 1166 to request for booking modification, you should pay at airport ticket office/ city ticket office before 03 hours upon schedule departure time.

Q7: Who should i contact for registering as sales agent?

– Sales team in the Northern region: 0963847366
– Sales team in the Central region: 0963844401
– Sales team in the Southern region: 0961181714
Or mail: [email protected]

Q8: Where are Bamboo Airways’s check-in counters at Noi Bai airport ?

At hall A, counters from A15 to A22

Q9: Where are Bamboo Airways’s check-in counters at Tan Son Nhat airport ?

At hall T1, counters from G7 to G12.

Q10: I ‘d like to request in-flight special meal.

Please request via call center : 19001166 or email [email protected] at least 24h prior to scheduled departure time.

Q11: where can i purchase directly ticket?

– Bamboo Airways’s Ticket offices.

At the airports: at least 2h prior to the first flight of a day and at least 1h after the last flight of a day.

– Bamboo Airways’s agents on the nationwide.

Q12: Successful payment without confirmed e-mail or SMS message ?

Please send the following information to email: [email protected] for further checking and better support:

– Holder’s name – phone number,
– Card number (6 first numbers and 4 last numbers) – not bank account,
– Payment time,
– Amount,
– An image of Bank statement/ Invoice/ Transaction.

Q13: Fee for cabin upgrade?

– From Bamboo Eco to Bamboo Plus.
– From Bamboo Plus to Bamboo Business.
A fee of 374,000 VND/pax/segment (included VAT) +fare difference (if any) at least 3h prior to scheduled departure time.

Q14: How to get VAT invoice after paying successfully ticket?

Option 1: send request via email  [email protected] (within 15 days after payment time)

VAT e-invoice shall be sent to your email registered on the website.

Option 2: VAT e-invoice is issued via My bookings

Retrieve your booking via My bookings , then Click “Hóa đơn” and fill information “thông tin công ty”, “mã số thuế”.

After that, you can get invoice via registered e-mail. Please download e-ticket stated tax code.

*If you buy via agent, agent is responsible for issuing invoice as your request.

Q15: Are fares on website inlusive of tax and fee?

In the process of booking and payment, the must-pay amount is inclusive of tax and fee.

Q16: does Bamboo Airways have online check-in service?

Please access  website:  at the airports: Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Nha Trang, Da Nang.

Q17: can i check-in with e-PNR ?

Upon check-in at the airport, you are required to show e-ticket for check-in.

Q18: what is ticketed fee of Bamboo Airways ? 

– “Pay later”, “Pay now” : A fee of 55,000 VND/ segment if you pay at official ticket offices of Bamboo Airways.
– At authorised counters, the fee is upon their rules.

Q19: why haven’t i refunded after cancellation ?

The bank won’t refund to individual account but as settlement period. The paid amount shall be backed to your card used to pay your ticket.

Q20: who should i contact for group booking ?

Please send your request to email: [email protected] with information:
– Flight date, time
– Passenger information
– Phone number of booker.

Q21: what routes are meals served in Bamboo Airways’s flights ?

Upon flight duration (from taking-off to landing time), policies are as follows:
• Factual flight duration < 1 hour: drinking water.
• Factual flight duration from 1 hour to 1,5 hours: drinking water and bread/sandwich.
• Flight duration from 1,5 hours upon taking-off time:
– From 5am – 8am: serving breakfast,
– From 11am – 1pm: serving lunch,
– From 5pm – 8pm: serving dinner.
Apart from above time, airline serves 1 snack (including bowl of fruit, 1 bread piece, soft drink).

Q22: can i carry cooked baby’s food on board?

Yes, cooked baby’s food and a maximum weight of 2.5 kg of dry ice.

Q23: can i carry baby’s milk and stroller on board ?

Yes, stroller is allowed upon number of occuppied seats in the flight.

For flights with available seats, you can check-in before boarding. For flights with full load, please check-in at check-in counter.

Q24: Electric devices such as dryers, hair dryers, blender… are allowed to be carried on the plane?

Please put in checked baggage.

Q25: what is regulation on baggage for fare classes ?

– Bamboo Eco: 7kg of carry-on baggage
– Bamboo Plus: 7kg of carry-on baggage + 20kg of checked baggage
– Bamboo Business: 14kg of carry-on baggage + 30kg of checked baggage.

Q26: since the time of registering Bamboo Club membership card, how long can i get membership card ?

Within 30 days since the day of registration.

Q27: how can i change address to receive Bamboo Club membership card ?

Please send request to email: [email protected] soon.

Q28: what is fare for child and infant ?

Child from 2 years to under 12 years of age at the time of travelling on the 1st segment of itinery is 75% of adult base fare.

Infant under 2 years of age (before 2nd birthday up to the date of flight) is 100,000VND/infant (excluded VAT).

Infant sits on an accompanied adult’s lap. Seat-occupied infant is not allowed in the cabin.

Q29: what is required documents for child/ infant ?

Pursuant to Official Letter No. 38 of the Aviation entity (CV38 / CHK-ANHK dated January 4, 2019), Vietnamese passengers under 14 years of age (Child / Infant) without passport or attached in parents’ passport could use one of following documents:

– Birth Certifying Form (infants under one (01) month old).
– Certifying form by a social organization for children under the patronage of that organisation. This certifying form shall be valid within 6 months since the date of confirmation..

Q30: How to change name of child/ infant ?

Infant under 2 years of age is free of charge. Child from 2 years of age is charge a fee of 495,000 VND/pax/segment.

Q31: If parents don’t accompany with children, where can i take authorization letter for unaccompanied minor(s) ?

Kid passengers under 14 years of age don’t accompany with parents, must have authorization letter from parents.

You can go to state authorities (ward committee) to make authorization letter or carry full verification documents directly to official ticket offices of Bamboo Airways for verifying baby’s family.

Q32: why must have authorization letter ?

Pursuant to current Aviation Law, children under 14 years of age (because under this age still use a birth certificate without identity card) travel with non-parent passengers do not need authorization letter.

However, to ensure the safety of children, each airline will have its own rules on documents for children unaccompanying with parents.

Q33: what required documents for child(ren) to check-in at the airport ?

Passengers under 14 years of age checking in at the airport should present following documents:
– Travelling with parents: carry Birth Certifying Form to check-in.
– Travelling with relatives: carry Birth Certifying Form + authorization letter from parents.
– For unaccompanied minor(s), please refer to the link:

Q34: I want to ask for recruitment information ?

For details, please visit the link or email: [email protected] or contact the HR hotline: 0243 2333233/ ext 1303 to get support.

Q35: How can I process online check-in ?

Currently, procedure of online check-in is only available on domestic flights operated by Bamboo Airways, departing from Noi Bai (HAN), Da Nang (DAD), Tan Son Nhat (SGN), Nha Trang (CXR) airports.

Passengers can process online check-in from 24 hours to 1 hour before departure.

* Note: Online check-in does NOT apply to the following cases:
– Passenger requests special services (except for special meals).
– Passenger is refused transportation, or deported.
– Passenger travels with child under 02 years old or is pregnant.
– There are more than 9 passengers in the same booking code.

Q36: What is policy for late check-in passengers ?

passengers arrive at the airport within until 30 minutes after the time of closed check-in counter after the flight has departed, passengers can continue their trip on the next flight (available seats), apart from the previous flight at least 48 hours.

Bamboo Business: a fee of 250,000 VND / pax/ segment.

Bamboo Plus: a fee of 500,000 VND/ pax/ segment.

* Note: Prices does not include VAT; Not applicable for Bamboo Eco class.

Q37: How to upgrade ticket ?

Passengers can upgrade from Bamboo Eco to Bamboo Plus; from Bamboo Plus to Bamboo Business; from Bamboo Business to Bamboo First.

Upgrade fee: 340,000 VND/ pax/ segment + fare difference.

* Note:

• Time of request is at least 3 hours before scheduled departure time.
• The above fee does not include 10% VAT.
• Apply new fare conditions, the original ticket can not be refunded.

Q38: How to rebook / reroute ?

3 hours before the original flight time:

• Bamboo Business: Free + fare difference (if any)

• Bamboo Eco and Bamboo Plus: 340,000 VND/ segment + fare difference (if any)

Within 3 hours to after the original flight time:

• Bamboo Business: 250,000 VND/ pax + distance (if any)

• Bamboo Eco and Bamboo Plus: Not applicable.

Q39: What is the policy for the elderly ?

From November 15th, 2019, elderly passengers aged from 60 years with Vietnamese nationality are entitled to 85% discount on the basic fare of Bamboo Plus when travelling on Vietnam’s domestic flights.

Conditions: Passengers present identity document (original or notarized copy).
Fare conditions: Apply to conditions of Bamboo Plus, not applicable to Bamboo Eco and Bamboo Business.

Q40: Is there discount if I buy a round-trip ticket ?

In fact, flight fare varies from flight time, the time of booking and fare class you choose.

To book good flight fare, you should book around 2-3 months before scheduled flight date. Usually, the more the nearer flight date you book, the more expensive fare you get. Flights in early morning or night flight are better in fare than peak hour.

Depending on the airline, Round trip fares can be around 75% – 80% of a one way fares.