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Benefits from fare classes


If you have already flown Bamboo Airways or experienced the different ticket classes, then you would know that Bamboo Airways has 3 ticket classes: Bamboo Eco, Bamboo Plus and Bamboo Business. However,, besides the differences in prices, checked baggage … do you understand the differences of each ticket class?

Each ticket class of Bamboo Airways has its own benefits created by the airline based on the usage needs in each flight itinerary of passengers.

1. Bamboo Eco – The most ideal choice for business trips that do not require much luggage at an economical cost

This is an economical ticket class for passengers who do not need checked baggage and use up to 7kg of hand baggage, suitable for passengers on a business trip within a day, having unexpected body visit or short-term travel…

Despite the economy class of Bamboo Airways, Bamboo Eco still brings different experiences to the passengers when this ticket class is still offered free meals on the plane (according to the airline’s catering policy).

Specifically, passengers traveling on flights lasting longer than 1h45m will be served hot dishes for main meal and light meals at other time frames. Flights less than 1h15 minutes will be served purified water.

2. Bamboo Plus – Ideal choice for long-term travel with reasonable costs

If you are on a long journey with many types of luggage to carry, then choose Bamboo Plus to add the facilities at a reasonable cost. This ticket class allows you to carry more luggage with additional 20kg of checked baggage besides 7 kg hand one. In addition, as well as Bamboo Eco, Bamboo Plus gives you the diverse culinary experience of Bamboo Airways with free meals on board (according to the airline’s catering policy).

Hot meal for all fare classes

Bamboo Airways’ flight menus are always changing frequently. The meals are made from healthy foods, while ensuring nutrition balance during the time when passengers use Bamboo Airways’ flight service. Hot meals usually include all three components: starch, protein and vegetables while light meals also ensure delicious and nutritious.

Another outstanding advantage of Bamboo Plus is that passengers can flexibly change flight dates, itineraries or names of passengers if there is disturbance in the personal schedule.

3. Bamboo Business – Selecting a classy, perfect and different experience

As the most classy ticket of Bamboo Airways, Bamboo Business gives passengers many attractive privileges: Free up to 30kg of checked baggage and 14kg for 2 hand baggage; diverse cuisine, delicious fresh fruit juice; the private V.I.P lounge; priority for check-in, boarding and baggage claim; the right to change flight dates, itineraries, names or even ask for ticket refund. Bamboo Business have wide seats, deep reclining, providing a smooth and complete journey for any passanger on the 9th cloud.

Especially in the near future, Bamboo Business Ticket Class also promises to bring a more perfect experience for passengers with a series of 5-star services on the wide-body airplane Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

With the partition to create a private space, the business seat on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner can lie down 180 degrees to become a bed, have a relaxing massage mode, help customers to lean back and stretch their legs comfortably throughout the flight. The seats are made of high quality leather and fabric from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Botany Weaving (Ireland), Lantal and Isolvota (Switzerland). Each passenger will be provided with Handset controller, which is easy to perform operations such as adjusting the window light or selecting entertainment gadgets to your hobby.

In addition, passengers can read books and relax with the built-in light on the seat. The AVOD on-demand entertainment system is built right into the monitor mounted on the seat, using the modern Panasonic ex3 platform with high definition, helping customers to freely choose movies, dramas, or video games, songs of interest.

With the above utilities, have you chosen your favorite Seat Class?

We look forward to welcoming you on Bamboo Airways 5 * flights!