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Point accrual instruction

Our sincere thanks and welcome to you becoming a member of Bamboo Club!.

To accumulate points for flights when flying with Bamboo Airways, members can follow the instructions as follows:

Bamboo Airways flights are valid within 12 months.  Save a copy of your ticket, e-ticket, original copy of boarding pass, etc. until you are notified via registered email that points have been credited to your account. The time of claiming is at least 5 days after flight.
Points are accumulated according to equivalent  class of ticket and service Members kindly provide Bamboo Club representative with your membership number

1. Accumulate point when booking a ticket

  • 1.1. Enter your member number when booking tickets on Bamboo Airways website at the Membership number field in the Passenger Data section (illustrated image) or provide the membership number to the agent if booking through an agent.

2. Accumulate point before boarding your flights

  • 2.1. Call our hotline at 19001133 to be assisted with adding your member number to your booking.
  • 2.2. Provide the membership number to the staff at the check-in counter before each flight with Bamboo Airways.
  • 2.3. Filling in your member number when you are in the booking process at Check in kiosk at the airport (illustrated photo).

3. Accumulate after 5 days of finishing your flight

Log into your Bamboo Club member account in the link:, go into Claim points /enter the information for your past flights without points accrual.

Please click here for instruction on CLAIM POINTS

Step 1: Log into your member account:
Step 2: Fill in member number and password
Step 3: Click on Claim points
Step 4: Fill in the information on finished flights without point accrual

To finish claim points, please fill in the following information:

  • Departure date: (the day the flight took place)
  • Airline code: Bamboo Airways
  • Flight number: 3 or 4 numbers (for example: QH1212 -> fill in part number 1212 only)
  • PNR (Reservation code): 6 characters
  • Ticket number: 13 characters
  • Departure:
  • Destination:

Time for processing claim points requests: after 24h

Results update: members please check for the points update after 24 hours.

If you have any question, please contact us via:

Our sincere thanks,

Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways