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Bamboo Club qualifying flights

Understanding the needs of Bamboo Club members for member tier upgrades, we would like to send to the program: Buy qualifying flights with promotions to increase the chances of upgrading/maintaining card tier for passengers who have been with Bamboo Club, as well as Bamboo Airways during the past time.

Applicable time: From 01/03/2023

1. Qualifying flights:

  • Qualifying flights: A flight the points of which are credited to the member account and used as the basis for determining the membership tier in each qualifying period. Qualifying flights are counted from Eco Saver or higher. When members reach enough flights to qualify for an upgrade, the membership tier will be upgraded in accordance with the membership eligibility.
  • Membership eligibility by qualifying flights
Card tier First Diamond Gold Emerald
Minimum qualifying flights (Eco Saver and above) 30 20 10 1

Members who purchase qualifying flights will receive additional qualifying flights equivalent to Bamboo Club’s member account. If the members’ accounts already have qualifying flights, members only need to buy the remaining flights needed for tier upgrade.

2. Buy qualifying flights:

Retail point price (excluding 10% VAT):

In Vietnam: 2,300,000 VND/flight

In other countries: US$100/flight

3. Payment method:


Bank transfer

Members pay for the purchase by:

Transfer the money into Bamboo Club’s bank account:


020096866357 at Sacombank – Ha Noi branch

Transfer detail: Member full name + Member account number (or email/ phone number) + Number of qualifying flights to buy + “Qualifying flights”

Confirm bank transfer details

After the payment, members send the payment information to the email: [email protected] and include:

  • Money transfer bill
  • Member full name
  • Member account number (or email/ phone number)
  • Number of qualifying flights to buy

Bamboo Club will check and confirm the payment.

Bamboo Club processes the flight purchase transactions and updates the members’ accounts within 3 working days from payment confirmation.

Please contact Bamboo Club for further information at