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If you intend to bring baggage that exceeds the standard allowance in quantity, weight and dimensions, please kindly purchase additional baggage in accordance with rules and regulations of Bamboo Airways.

• Each checked-in bag must not weigh more than 32 kg, and the total dimensions of it (length+width+height) must not exceed 203 cm.
• At check-in counter, you will be given a baggage tag for each checked-in bag, Bamboo Airways will be responsible for maintaining and moving your baggage along with your chosen flight.
• You can purchase additional checked-in baggage allowance in increments of 5 kg; 10 kg; 15 kg; 20 kg; 25 kg; 30 kg; 35 kg; and 40 kg.
• Passengers book additional checked-in baggage allowance via website, hotline, official ticket offices or authorized agencies at least three (03) hours prior to the departure time will save 40% as compared to purchase at airport check-in counters. For more details on purchasing additional baggage allowance, please Click here .

Please note:

1. Above prices do not include 10% VAT
2. Passengers can buy a maximum of 40 kg additional checked in baggage via website/ hotline/ agency/ ticket office.
3. Pre-paid baggage cannot be endorsed, rerouted, refunded or exchanged to other services or tickets.
4. If the weight of your baggage is less than your paid baggage amount, the balance cannot be refunded.
5. Purchase additional checked-in baggage at the airport:

• For Bamboo Plus and Bamboo Business: If a passenger’ baggage exceeds standard allowance at airport check-in counter, he or she will pay 40,000 VND per additional kg (exclude VAT).

• For Bamboo Eco: if a passenger has not purchased checked-in baggage at least three (03) hours prior to the flight via website/ hotline/ agency/ ticket office, he or she will a fee for checked in baggage as follows:
– Less than or equal to 20 kg: 300,000 VND per 20 kg (exclude VAT).
– More than 20 kg: 300,000 VND for the first 20 kg + 40,00 VND for each additional kg.

For example: if a passenger carries 22kg checked-in baggage, at the airport, he or she must pay: 300,000 + 40,000 x 2 = 380,000 VND (exclude VAT).

If a passenger already purchased checked-in baggage at least three (03) hours prior to the flight via website/ hotline/ agency/ ticket office, he or she will only pay 40,000 VND per additional kg of checked-in baggage (exclude VAT).

The 300,000 VND for 20 kg (exclude VAT) package is only offered at airport check-in counters for Bamboo Eco passengers who have not purchased any checked in baggage prior to the flight. It does not apply to Bamboo Plus and Bamboo Business.

6. You shall be charged a fee of 60,000 VND/kg (excluded VAT) at the boarding gate if your carry-on baggage is overweight upon allowance baggage.