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Bamboo Airways’ Uniform is Showered with Compliments after Its Debut

20th August 2018 - 14:57

At the Launching Ceremony of Bamboo Airways in Quy Nhon,… Details

Entirely New Airline Service Offered by Bamboo Airways

20th August 2018 - 11:39

Story of JetBlue, the world-famous hybrid airline.


Bamboo Airways Has Officially Been Launched

19th August 2018 - 16:23

After more than 4 years of extensive research and preparation,…

Bamboo Airways Attracts Flight Attendants with Handsome Salaries of USD 2,000

15th August 2018 - 17:14

In preparation for the first takeoff in October, 2018, Bamboo…

Government Officially Approved Establishment of Bamboo Airways

30th July 2018 - 16:46

On July 9, 2018, on behalf of the Prime Minister,…