11th August 2022 - 10:40

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Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong would like to present to Bamboo Club members: The program “HEALTH IS GOLD” – Health care with traditional medicine with leading experts.

Special offers from now until October 31, 2022 for Bamboo Club members only:

  • 15% off with Bamboo Club card – FIRST class
  • 10% discount with Bamboo Club card – DIAMOND class
  • 5% discount with Bamboo Club card – GOLD class
  • 5% discount on prescriptions of high-class Oriental medicine and specialty drugs (Cordyceps, Truong Bach Ginseng, Ngoc Linh Ginseng) for all Bamboo Club members.

*This promotion applies to all services of Examination & Therapy of Musculoskeletal – Joints at Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong Traditional Medicine Center with 100% non-pharmaceutical procedures performed directly by traditional medicine doctors, bringing safety and high treatment efficiency.

Please make an appointment in advance and present your Bamboo Club card (hard card or card on the app) and citizen identification / identity card when coming to Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong to enjoy the offer.

Hotline for appointment: 088 688 4119

Vinmec is an academic health system invested and developed by Vingroup – Vietnam’s leading private economic group with the mission: “Care with talent, medical ethics and empathy”.

In recent years, the Covid 19 pandemic has made each of us awake and aware of the importance of health on the way to finding the joy of living to the fullest. It was that awakening that paved the way for Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong’s mission to restore traditional medicine and improve public health. The quintessence of traditional medicine of Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong today is the successor to the achievements of traditional medicine that has existed for more than 200 years, originating from the ancestors Nguyen Quy Cong – Ngu Y Thai Boc Dai Than Le Trieu. 17th century) passed on to Doctor Nguyen Thai Bao – Executive Director of Vinmec Traditional Medicine Center – Sao Phuong Dong is the 15th generation. Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong has a vision to become the leading traditional medicine healthcare system in Vietnam with a new philosophy: Eastern and Western Medicine combined. One of the key diseases of Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong is the disease of Muscles – Bones – Joints. Here, you will experience a completely different journey of care and treatment:

  • Comprehensive treatment regimen combining Eastern and Western medicine.
  • 100% of therapeutic procedures are performed directly by a team of regular doctors, optimizing safety and effectiveness of treatment.
  • Sharp full-axis X-ray technology and high quality Magnetic Resonance.
  • Natural, safe, non-invasive surgery, no side effects.

Besides the problems of Muscles – Bones – Joints, this is also the place where customers come to get comprehensive physical and mental health care, help prevent diseases, enjoy an energetic and peaceful life.

Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong is confident to have a team of doctors who are officially trained at leading prestigious universities at home and abroad, typically Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy… The source of medicinal herbs used at Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong are high-class and rare medicinal herbs with full certificates of origin – quality. The system of preparation and decoction of Oriental medicine of Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong is carried out hygienically and closed at the center, absolutely no preservative chemicals are used.

Taking the first steps to Vinmec – Sao Phuong Dong, your senses will be awakened by the familiar scent of Northern medicine, melodious music, warm herbal tea flavor and relaxing silence like meditation in the architectural space of an ancient temple.

Vinmec Traditional Medicine Center – Sao Phuong Dong Address: Vinmec Times City International Clinic, 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Hotline: 0886 884 119