Easy Flying With Bamboo Airways Mobile App

2nd June 2022 - 8:33

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Dear Members,

With the desire to bring customers the services and standards oriented towards a 5-star airline, Bamboo Airways has upgraded our Mobile App.

Now, members can use virtual card right in our Mobile App new version.

Download App right here:








With Bamboo Airways mobile app, you can receive more exclusive deals and experience new functions as well as significantly improved performance.

  • Earn 200 bonus points after downloading and signing up as Bamboo Club’s members successfully.
  • Booking on mobile app and earn 5% discount for ticket flight’s bare fare. Click HERE for details!
  • Auto-fill all the information when booking ticket on mobile app.

You can look up on Bamboo Airways Mobile App:



Individual Log in, sign up, forget password
Account information
Look up My flights (history, up-coming)
Recent activity
Claim points and ranking Claim missing points
Buy qualifying points
Buy-transfer bonus points Buy bonus points
Transfer bonus points
Redeem points Ticket redemption
Redeem points to items in Bamboo Shop
Redeem points to partners’ products
Redeem to partners’ loyalty points

Along with the development of Bamboo Airways App and members can use virtual cards to replace physical cards, Bamboo Club would like to announce the new hard card printing policy from June 1, 2022 as follows:

Tiers First time Reissuance
First free 100,000 vnd/ card
Diamond free 100,000 vnd/ card
Gold 50,000 vnd/ card 100,000 vnd/ card
Emerald 50,000 vnd/ card 100,000 vnd/ card

In case of new/re-issued card with fee, please refer to the instructions HERE

If you have any questions, please contact:

Bamboo Club Call Center: 19001133 (fee: 1,000 vnd/min)

Email: [email protected]

Zalo: Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways