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Do you want to be seated next to your travel companion? Or in your preferred seat?

Bamboo Airways will always do our best to accommodate you seating choice upon you arrival at our check-in counters; however, it is advisable to book your preferred seat in advance during the booking process at our website, or call our hotline at 1900 1166 at least three (03) hours prior to departure for domestic flights and six (06) hours prior to departure for international flights.

To be seated next to your travel companion, reserve your seat prior to check-in.

Book a seat


* Passengers traveling while pregnant, passengers flying with children under 12 years of age are not to be seated next to the emergency exit.

* Passengers flying with children (2 to 12) should be allocated seats next to the windows. We allow one child per seat only.

* Passengers with mobility impairment due to body weight, illness, or other mobility impairments are only allowed to reserve window seats (A / F). Other types of seats may be allocated at the airport check-in counter after a thorough assessment of the passenger’s conditions.

* To ensure safety, Check-in counter staff and Cabin Crew have the right to re-allocate any passengers who are unable to comply with the above regulations. Seat selection fee will regrettably not be refunded under these circumstances.