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Flight from Vinh to Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh city is a vibrant mix of modernity and antiqueness with well-preserved architecture since Vietnam War and sleek skyscrapers, elegant sports clubs, and expansive shopping malls… at present. With flight from Vinh to Ho Chi Minh operated by Bamboo Airways, you will have more option to visit the bustling city with ease at very attractive offers…

The best time to visit

Ho Chi Minh City weather is divided into two distinct seasons: dry and rainy season. Rainy season usually lasts from May to November and dry season starts from December to April next year. You can travel to Ho Chi Minh City in any season with its own unique features upon your purpose and interests.

The city weather is very beautiful with clear blue sky, floating white clouds and sparkling sunshine. In a meanwhile, rainy season like a pretty, dazzling woman, it is unpredictable. Sometimes the rain is heavy all day and night as if being sulky with anyone, and sometimes it is just a very short rain enough to wet roads.

Besides, you can come to the city on festival days like Lunar New Year holidays with full of colorful flowers everywhere like traditional markets, spring flower festivals across the districts, especially at central districts of the city. On Christmas occasions, the City is likely to be put on a new costume, majestically decorated stone caves at religious streets and in the city center every night with brilliant, sparkling and magical lights

Flight from Vinh to Ho Chi Minh

Vinh is 1,315 km far from Ho Chi Minh city. It’s a very long distance, so travelling by air is the most convenient and fastest way. At present, some domestic airlines is operating flights from Vinh to Ho Chi Minh. And the launch of a new airline as Bamboo Airways will offer you more options at very competitive rates, quaint services to experience.

  • Flight timing: about 1 hour 45 minutes.
  • Required procedures: You should present at the airport at least 2 hours prior to schedule departure time for check-in and customs check. Check-in counters will be closed 40 minutes before departure time.


If you plan to arrive in Ho Chi Minh city, you should book your flight approximately 2-3 months before departure date. Or late night or early morning flights are also good options for a more saving trip. Because the closer to departure date you book, the more expensive you have to pay. And, you are suggested to book flight via website to get good offers from new airline or contact call center number 1900 1166 for queries and details.

Airport information

Tan Son Nhat International Airport is an international airport in the South and the largest airport in Vietnam, located in Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City in terms of size and capacity (about 15-17 million passengers per year).

The airport has two terminals:

  • Domestic terminal: has 6 gates to aircraft, 6 baggage conveyor-belts on an area of over 20,000m2 serving a maximum of up to 6 million passengers per year.
  • International terminal: a new one with a maximum capacity of 15-17 million passengers / year, four floors of ​​92,920m2 in total size.

In recent years, Tan Son Nhat International Airport has been continuously invested with advanced equipment, improved infrastructure for better services.

There are also extra services such as duty-free shops, post offices, banks, transportation services, information counters, free WiFi, ATMs, baby-sitting, luggage-related services (lockers and luggage storage, luggage packing), currency exchange, Airport Information Desk, Medical Services, free battery-Charging Service, Tax Refund, free Water Area, bussiness lounge… In front of terminals, there is a parking lot on an area of ​​30,000m2 with automatically tolled machine.

Transportation from the airport to the downtown

You can opt for travelling by various vehicles:

  • Taxi: is the most convenient vehicle for a group of 3-5 travelers carrying many things, taking around 10 – 20 minutes.
  • Technological taxi (Grab, Go Viet, Bee…): is also more and more popular because you know charge before making decision to accept the option at more competitive price than Taxi.
  • Public bus: is the most affordable service for you to get around Ho Chi Minh city. Bus area is at pillar 4 (opposite to the domestic terminal) and pillar 12 (opposite the international terminal) with routes:
    • No 152: from Trung Son Residence to the airport and vice versa, the frequency of about 15 minutes/trip at a rate of VND 6,000/ trip.
    • No 109: from September 23 park to the airport and vice versa, the frequency of about 15 to 30 minutes / trip at a rate of VND 12,000 / trip.
    • No 49: from big hotels in the downtown to the airport and vice versa, the frequency of about 15 minutes / trip at a rate of VND 40,000 / trip.

Hope you have a nice trip with above useful information !