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Flight from Quy Nhon to Hanoi

Hanoi is a capital with rich culture, classic features and tranquility. The city is gathered from various pieces forming elegant and stunning picture. The city is not only attractive with inherent landscapes but also friendly local residents. Come to Hanoi at least once in your life to feel its greatness.

The ideal time to visit

Hanoi weather characterizes 4 distinct seasons with its own features:

  • Spring: lasts from February to April scattering drizzle, cold weather and blooming flowers plus unique traditional festivals.
  • Summer: occurs from May to July, the season of crimson flamboyant flowers under a sweltering weather like a dazzling girl with occasional rains.
  • Autumn: starts from August to October, a great time to come and feel Hanoi’s nice and romantic weather. This is also called wedding season for couples.
  • Winter: begins from November to January next year. You are experienced an unforgettable trip in a warm jacket walking around Hanoi streets or indulging a hot bowl of pho (noodle soup) by the road and watching daily local life under deep freeze atmosphere of the city.

Flight from Quy Nhon to Hanoi

Quy Nhon is 1,100 km far from Hanoi. So, traveling by air is the most convenient and fastest way. Currently, domestic airlines operate the pair of destinations including Bamboo Airways with many promotions.

  • Flight timing: about 90 minutes.
  • Required procedures: You should present at the airport at least 2 hours prior to schedule departure time for check-in and customs check. Check-in counters will be closed 40 minutes before departure time.


Air fare is usually pricey in travel season, national holidays. If you plan to arrive in Hanoi, especially in Lunar New Year’s holidays, you should book your flight approximately 2-3 months before departure date. Or late night or early morning flights are also good options for a more saving trip.

Airport information

Noi Bai International Airport is located at Soc Son district, 35 km from the heart of Hanoi by road in the northwest, this distance has been shortened to 27 km upon completion of Nhat Tan bridge and the connecting road to Noi Bai in 2014.

The airport has two main terminals (T1, T2):

  • T1 terminal is for domestic flights on a total area of ​​115,000m2 designed by Vietnamese architects bearing Vietnam’s identity welcoming visitors to the Capital and highly appreciated with state of art shape, once won first prize of Vietnamese architecture.
  • T2 terminal is for international flights on an area of 139,216 m2 with 4 floors including 96 check-in counters divided by 8 islands, 10 automatic check-in counters and 17 gates to aircraft. The terminal is designed in a wing-shaped model with the idea of ​​harmonizing with nature, optimal use of natural light, energy-saving and equipped with advanced facilities in accordance with international standards.

And services are also offered such as: cafeterias, airport pick-up, parking lot, self-driving car rental, free WiFi, ATMs, baby-sitting, luggage-related services (lockers and luggage storage, luggage packing), currency exchange, Airport Information Desk, Medical Services, Free Battery-Charging Service, Tax Refund, Free Water Area, Smoking Area…

Transportation from the airport to the downtown

You can opt for travelling by various vehicles:

  • Mini-bus: a public transport offered by airlines at most affordable fare of about VND40,000 / trip from 04h00 to 22h00.
  • Taxi: is the most convenient vehicle at a rate of about VND180,000 – VND220,000 for a group of 3-5 travelers carrying many things, taking 60 minutes.
  • Public bus: at parking area P2 in front of terminal T1 with routes: No. 07 (Noi bai – Cau Giay), No. 17 (Noi bai – Long Bien), No. 90 (Noi bai – Kim Ma), and routes NB01, NB02, NB03 at terminal T2.
  • Grab car: is also more and more popular because you know charge before making decision to accept the option at more competitive price than Taxi.
  • Or shuttle bus offered from travel firms.

Hope you have a nice trip with above useful information !