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Flight from Ho Chi Minh to Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is one of the ideal destinations for those who like traveling to a peaceful Quy Nhon with a harmonious combination of mountains and sea. Come to Quy Nhon, you will be immersed in the blue sea, white sand with famous landmarks such as Ky Co, Eo Gio, Hon Kho, Bai Trung … the famous tourist sites attracting domestic and foreign tourists with direct flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as the highlight and excitement for visitors to Quy Nhon.

The ideal time to come 

The best time to come to Quy Nhon is from March to September. During this period, the temperature is usually below 18ºC and the average level is 30ºC. Beautiful sunlight, blue sky will allow you to take the wonderful “virtual life”pictures. But in the mid of summer in July and August, the temperature is very high and the humidity is very low. You should see the weather forecast to avoid typhoons if you want to go to Quy Nhon in the period from October to February next year. The rainy season in Quy Nhon is long, beyond the heart of the storm, tourists can go to Quy Nhon in any season including rainy season and sunshine!

Flight from Ho Chi Minh city to Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon city is about 690km away from Ho Chi Minh City and all airlines flying from Tan Son Nhat airport (Saigon) to Phu Cat airport (Binh Dinh – Quy Nhon) take an average of 1 hour 10 minutes.

Compared with other vehicles, traveling by airplane will save a lot of time and keep passengers wellness on the trip. Therefore, flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhon is always the most favourite.

As a transit point between the North and South, you can easily get to Quy Nhon via direct flights. Currently, there are many domestic airlines operating flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhon, including Bamboo Airways with different rates and schedules, flexibility at the most economical price.

Airlines always have good price promotions. Before booking flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhon, you should check the promotion in advance. At present, Bamboo Airways continuously offers direct flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhon only from VND 149,000. Book the flights now and prepare for the exciting trip.

In addition, Bamboo Airways will help you find the most attractive options from Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhon to save you a lot of money.

In order to get cheap flights Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhon, we recommend you to plan and book flights at least 2 months prior to your trip. The closer to your scheduled departure you book, the more expensive flight you get.

Transportation from the airport to Quy Nhon center

Flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Quy Nhon is departed from Tan Son Nhat Airport (Tan Binh – Ho Chi Minh City) and arrived at Phu Cat Airport (Binh Dinh). Phu Cat Airport is located at Cat Tan commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province, about 35 km in the northwest from Quy Nhon city center.

You have many options to go to central Quy Nhon city, such as :

  • Airport Bus: is reasonable in charge with improving service quality. If you do not carry many things, traveling by bus will save a lot of money. However, if you want to take bus, you should follow guidance of the flight attendants, because the airport bus at Phu Cat Airport has fixed and punctual hours.
  • Taxi: is quite popular and available at any airport including Phu Cat airport with many standby taxis at the exit of the airport. Some popular taxi firms: Mai Linh, VinaSun, Quy Nhon … at competitive rates.

Exploring Quy Nhơn

Quy Nhon possesses not only beautiful scenery but also attracts tourists by its people, simple things. Let’s explore this beautiful land with Bamboo Airways.

If you come to Quy Nhon, don’t miss wonderful spots Ky Co, Eo Gio :

  • Eo Gio : is appreciated as one of the most beautiful spots in Quy Nhon in particular and the Central in general by its unique unspoiled wilderness. Coming to Eo Gio, visitors are likely to step into a new world with the rock steeps challenging the traveler’s feet, the magnificent mountain cliff embracing the whole romantic ocean, the white wave of foam whispering in the ears, the tiny boats in the sea far from mainland, the cool wind breezing the soul in the fairy place.
  • Ky Co : Closing to pure Eo Gio and nestling behind high cliffs, Ky Co appears to excite tourists with ít perfect beauty. From transparent sea to the crystal sands, from quiet rocks to the bridge spanning over the sea, all seem to be harmonious pieces creating the ‘irresistible’ attractions for Ky Co.
    • Quy Nhon is bordered vast sea, but definitely you should not ignore Bai Trung beach! as a coastal city with beautiful white sands and beaches, you should not ignore Bai Trung beach or the so-called Hoang Hau beach, the most favourite destination.
    • Like the nobility of its name, this beach is really beautiful and special – With beautiful winding coast, layering innumerable oval stones with similar size in blue sea resembling eye-catching dinosaur eggs.
    • And it would be great to come to this site in the early morning to view the sunrise and walk on bumpy rocks. When the sun shines on the rocks with the cool and clean beach, it is sure to be a place for checking-in “virtual life” pictures.

Cafeterias on the beach should definitely not be missed

As a rare bar on the beach in the heart of Quy Nhon is praised by local people as well as tourists. Not only having beautiful and romantic atmosphere on the beach but also bringing the comfort to dismiss all the anxieties when watching the long winding shore, hearing the sound of waves mixed with the lyrical songs and sipping a cup of special cocktail.

Do not miss the delicious dishes, specialties of the land! 

Quy Nhon’s specialty is not so hard to find in other places, but your trip is not full without enjoying all its delicious dishes.

  • Fish noodles : are one of the outstanding dishes, you should not miss when visiting Quy Nhon. Each bowl of noodles consists of 4 kinds of Grilled chopped meat with fried fish, salted water charaterizing Quy Nhon cuisines, the grain of Grilled chopped meat and the sweet taste of fish bring a memorable taste.
  • Shrimp Cake : also a special dish from Quy Nhon, its surrounding is fried crisply of which vegetables, bean sprouts, chives and mango is packed ínide… plus sweet and sour sauce, spinach, summer rolls should be accompanied to be easier to eat.

These are the reasons why you should not ignore Quy Nhon on your holidays. Just a few days in Quy Nhon, you can enjoy many beautiful wilderness and delicious specialties at an affordable prices without worrying about “burning pocket”, breathe fresh air, immerse in the rhythm of the simple local life to charge full of energy for yourself quickly.