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Flight from Hanoi to Quy Nhon

Traveling by air from Hanoi to Quy Nhon is really faster and safer than other vehicles. Especially, it’s great if you can get cheap fares from reputable airlines. This article will provide you with useful information about fares and how to gain flight to Quy Nhon at the most economic level.

Tourism in Quy Nhơn

Quy Nhon is a destination that attracts legions of tourists recently, as travelers are bored with artificial architecture, crowded sites and prefer relaxation at tranquil and un-touched beaches. A magnificent Phuong Mai peninsula, a beautiful Queen Beach, and other seductive beaches, islands with sea waves will immerse into your memory at the first time coming here. In addition to swimming, visitors can also dive to view the wonderful coral reefs and to explore the vast ocean. Quy Nhon is used to be the capital of the Champa kingdom with the mixture of the mossy antique features and beautiful ancient Cham towers.

Flight from Hanoi to Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is 1.065km in the south from Hanoi and taking about 1 hour and 35 minutes to fly at the price corresponding to the cost of traveling by car. That’s the reason people are in favour of traveling by air as a trend. Up to now, there are four domestic airlines operating flights from Hanoi to Quy Nhon and vice versa included Bamboo Airways with more than 3 flights per day from Hanoi to Quy Nhon.

Apart from attractive offers from domestic airlines on special occasions, you can also book flights from Hanoi to Quy Nhon at attractive prices only from VND 199,000 offered by Bamboo Airways to enjoy an interesting flight.

Transportation from Phu Cat Airport to Quy Nhon center

Phu Cat Airport is located at Cat Tan Commune, Phu Cat District, Binh Dinh Province, 35km in the northwest far from Quy Nhon City center. you should catch a taxi or a bus to get to city center.

  • Bus: a solution for those who want to save money and to be safe. the shuttle bus of Phu Cat Airport starts from the pick-up point in front of the airport’s exit on the right hand side to Number 01 Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Quy Nhon City. It takes about 50 minutes to go to the downtown at listed price of VND 50,000 / person.
    • This route shall pass through Tuy Phuoc to the city. If you book a hotel or a motel in Quy Nhon, you can ask the driver to stop near your destination.
  • Taxi : is a favourable choice because of its convenience. A few taxi firms standby at the airport such as Mai Linh, Sun, Phu Cat …. You will save more if you go with groups of 3, 4 or 5 people and lots of baggages. However, negotiating price and route before getting on the vehicle in order to avoid unreasonable charge.

The ideal time to come to Quy Nhon

Being similar to climate features in the South, Quy Nhon has two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season. However, the rainy season is less affected by typhoons and floods, you can visit Quy Nhon at any time. Besides, you are suggested to go to Quy Nhon in the summer from March to September yearly thanks to beautiful sunlight atmosphere without storm’s affection.

Where to stay?

Quy Nhon is currently developing tourism services with various types for your reference such as homestay, resort, hotel … You can refer to FLC Luxury Hotel Quy Nhon – a perfect choice with its unique Dragon-shaped architecture on white sand beach comprising of 327 luxurious rooms, amenities beyond your expect.

Where to go ?

Ky Co, Eo Gio, Hon Kho, Cu Lao Xanh, Cham Tower, Phuong Mai sand beach, Queen sea … are famous spots in Quy Nhon attracting legions of visitors to come.

  • Ghenh Rang : located at 3 Han Mac Tu Street about 3km from the center of Quy Nhon city. You will be immersed in a romantic and magnificient Ghenh Rang with mountain-leaned and sea-forwarded position corresponding to other coastal regions such as Thi Nhan hill, Queen beach, Vong Phu rock, Tien Sa beach…
  • Ham Ho Eco-tourism zone : Located at Tay Phu commune, Tay Son district, Ham Ho eco-tourism zone and is 50km far from Quy Nhon city in the North West, 5km from Quang Trung Museum. You are likely to step into a wonder world with great rocky walls, green mossy pieces, vines, tree roots on the cliff like a beautiful natural curtain.
  • Banh It Tower : The tower is located at Phuoc Hiep commune, Tuy Phuoc district, on a high mountain between two branches of Con river and Tan An river, next to Ganh bridge, along Highway 1A. The tower is a complex of 4 towers with the height of 22m, similar to a it cake if you watch from a far distance. At the top of the tower, there is a god Siva Statue of stone. And the tower is surrounded by three sub-towers with Champa architecture.
  • Hon Seo : Being an isle located in the southeast of Nhon Ly commune, about 5km from the mainland, taking about 20 to 30 minutes to go by boat or canoe. Hon Seo is comprised of a round-shaped pebble beaches without sands. They are made of eroded cliffs forming deep water chasm with beneath bright coral reefs.

Quy Nhon cuisines

Wherever you go, do not forget to enjoy the cuisines there with its own features characterizing geography and personality of the people. And what specialties does the martial arts land Quy Nhon have, let’s explore it now.

  • Shrimp Cake: is a popular favourite food, especially on the rainy or cool wind days. The cake featuring the yellow color of turmeric, the white color of bean sprouts, the red color of shrimp, the purple color of squid and the blue color of vegetable blended beautifully, and more enchanting and attractive with some sweet herbs and salted fish sauce.
  • Hoi cake, bowel porridge: a must-taste dish characterizing Binh Dinh’s cuisines. The porridge is cooked quite washy with blood boiling with basement from bone and pig’s bowel. Porridge is sweet and fragrant eaten with a dish of skillfully processed pig’s bowel making special. Or replace the porridge with pieces of softened cake and sweet sour sauce as well.
  • Huynh De Crab: is worthy of the king of crabs. However, it only occurs in very few areas including Quy Nhon. Coming to Quy Nhon from December to March of lunar year to enjoy the delicious and nutritional food.

Beside the 3 above typical dishes, fresh seafood dishes, Cho Huyen spring rolls, Son Than An Thai noodles, hemp leaves cake, Tam Quan coconut cake … can satisfy anyone.

How to book flight from Hanoi to Quy Nhon at attractive offers

From March to September is an appropriate time attracting visitors to Quy Nhon. If you want to come on this stage, you should book flight  from Hanoi to Quy Nhon in advance 1 to 2 months to get a good price and to avoid sold-out ticket.

In addition, late night or early morning flights will be lower in price than the normal ones. If you want to save cost, you should pay attention to this point.

Or you can book at Bamboo Airways with only from VND199,000 a super attractive price!