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Benefits of Golf services and tier matching for Bamboo Club members

Dear valued members,

With the purpose of serving various promotions and improve member benefits, Bamboo Club and Alegolf (the pioneer integrated technology unit providing golf services in Vietnam with the wild network of partners at around 60 golf courses in Vietnam and 15 courses in Asia) gladly announce our promotions on Golf services and tier matching for Bamboo Club members as below:

I. Promotions of Alegolf for Bamboo Club members.

1. Applicable period: 01/12/2021 – 30/06/2022.

  • Discount 10% on registration fee for Bamboo Club members (Full price: 2,650,000VNĐ/year/member. Discounted price: 2,385,000 VNĐ/year/member)
  • Discount 15% when Bamboo Club purchasing the long-term “Hole in one” insurance package of Alegolf.
  • Discount 50% on booking golf courses fee for Bamboo Club members.

2. Registration procedure:

  • Bamboo Club members contact Alegolf Call Center at 19002093 and provide the Bamboo Club membership number to receive the benefits.
  • Alegolf informs members the promotional price and instruct member to make payment for Alegolf services.

II. Tier-matching program:

1. Tier-matching for Bamboo Club member:

Bamboo Club membership tier Alegolf membership tier
First Premium

For the full details of Alegolf’s Premium tier benefits, please click HERE.

To register the tier-matching program, please fill in the information HERE.

2. Tier-matching program for Alegolf members

Alegolf membership tier Bamboo Club membership tier
Premium Gold


– Call Center Bamboo Club 24/7: 1900113

Alegolf: 19002093

– Email: [email protected]

– Zalo: Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways