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With Bamboo Sky, an on-board entertainment system – Passengers can use personal devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones… to connect directly to Bamboo Airways’s entertainment library. Internet is no longer necessary with simple connection, passengers are able to enjoy more than 100 exciting movies, TV series or video games and to listen to their favourite music during the flight.

Note: Currently, the service is subject to international routes only, not applicable to Vietnam domestic routes.

The world’s leading partner

In order to build Bamboo Sky with standard quality in terms of both content and broadcast speed, Bamboo Airways has carried out a strict selection process and decided to work with Touch Aero and Airfi Aero – The two world’s leading companies specialize in copyrights of entertainment content and wireless broadcasting equipments.

Passengers can access to Bamboo Sky from personal devices to connect directly to Bamboo Airways’s entertainment library.

In terms of hardware, Airfi Aero is a supplier of the world’s most reliable broadcast solution at the moment, providing in-flight digital services for both passengers and Cabin crew, according to a survey of Airfi’s deployment on the plane of 30 different airlines by the end of the first quarter in 2019.

The supplier from the Netherlands is also supplying a wireless broadcast solution for up to 40 airlines in many countries such as Atlantic Airways, Air Seychelles, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Aurora Airlines… and is a very popular brand in the world.

Experiencing “more than just a flight”

For on-board entertainment content store, Bamboo Airways selected to work with Touch Aero – a popular provider of content copyrights from the US as a development partner. This is one of the few companies providing copyrights of almost all genres of movies, from Hollywood movies produced by popular studios such as Disney, Universal, Columbia, Fox… to valuable documentary films from National News Agency of the UK – BBC.

Touch Aero currently provides entertainment content services for dozens of major airlines including “super-luxury” brands such as Crystal Aircruises, Nepal Airlines, Embraer, Eurowings, Tap Portugal…

Bamboo Sky được Bamboo Airways chính thức ra mắt vào ngày 18/08 – là món quà bất ngờ dành tặng các hành khách nhân dịp kỷ niệm một năm ngày ra mắt Hãng

Cooperating with Touch Aero, Bamboo Sky entertainment store promises to offer dozens of domestic and foreign films to passengers with diverse topics such as film, tourism, food, animal world, life skills, documentaries … All options for movies are set HD quality with fast download speed, enough to satisfy even the most fastidious passengers.

Sự kiện ra mắt Bamboo Sky nằm trong chuỗi hoạt động kỷ niệm 18/8/2018 - 18/8/2019 của Bamboo Airways

The launch of Bamboo Sky is in the series of activities to celebrate August 18, 2018 – August 18 , 2019 Anniversary of Bamboo Airways

For music fans, the store of songs includes a full genres of from contemporary young music to bolero, balad music,… with crisp-sound quality. Besides, Bamboo Sky also offers a variety of games, audio stories… so that every flight with Bamboo Airways is always an interesting and memorable experience. Bamboo Sky content store will be continuously updated and expanded to satisfy passengers’ needs.

Wish you have great flying experiences with Bamboo Airways!