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Flight to Van Don

Being famous for the world wonder “Halong Bay” and beautiful beaches like Bai Chay beach, Co To beach attracting a huge crowd of beachgoers in the summertime, Quang Ninh is an ideal destination for tourism. We are pleased to provide you with all information about fares, hunting method for your flight and airport services as well as how to choose a transfer vehicle … which will definitely be necessary for traveling to Quang Ninh. Read it now!

Airport information 

Your first stop upon arrival in Quang Ninh is at Van Don Airport, about 50 km from Halong City and about 20 km from Cam Pha City. Van Don airport was built on 400 hectares at Doan Ket commune, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province with a total investment capital of up to VND 7,500 billion to serve domestic and international flights. Van Don Airport is expected to come into operation on December 25, 2018.

Flight to Quang Ninh

Van Don Airport was built with the purpose of shortening the flight timing. Instead of landing flights in Hanoi then getting to Quang Ninh by road, now you can fly directly to Quang Ninh and observe beautiful islands.

For domestic flights, Quang Ninh is mainly connected to the southern provinces as follows:

Ho Chi Minh City – Quang Ninh: 3 to 4 flights / day

For international flights, Quang Ninh will be connected to the Chinese provinces including Guangzhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hangzhou. In addition, the international routes connecting Van Don Airport to Korea, Singapore, Thailand… will be deployed to serve you.


Quang Ninh weather characterizes Vietnam’s northern provinces with four distinct seasons like spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is a tropical region, so the summer is usually hot, humid, heavy rain, with southeastern monsoon and average temperature of about 25ºC. The winter is cold, dry, little rain, with northeastern monsoon and average temperature of around 20ºC.

The rainy season begins in July and August, with intensive hurricanes pre-empting from June to August, especially in the coastal and island regions. The information will help you choose the time for traveling to Quang Ninh.

Transportation from the airport to the downtown 

Quang Ninh city at night

Van Don Airport is about 50 km from Halong City and about 20 km from Cam Pha City. With a smooth traffic system, you can easily go by a variety of vehicles. Typically, it is a taxi service. Taxi is always the quickest and most convenient option. Some trusted taxi companies you can contact such as Van Don, Quang Minh, Long Khanh… at fixed price of about VND 12,000 / km. Thus, if you go from Van Don airport to Cam Pha city, it takes you about 40 minutes with charges ranging from VND 200,000 to VND 300,000 per trip.

Alternatively, you can also use the local motorbike taxi service to enjoy beautiful views on the way. But you should ask for price in advance in order to avoid unreasonable charge.

How to book a flight to Quang Ninh at good price

The period from April to October is travel season leading to highly increased airfare and service charges. Hence, you should book flights at least one to two months prior to scheduled departure date to save money. Or you can book flights to Quang Ninh in January or February or in the late night and early morning flights for better prices.

Quang Ninh is a popular tourism destination with wild islands and beaches.

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