The Sky Lantern Festival is a cultural gem that has been a part of Taiwan for over a century, captivating over 100,000 visitors annually. Let’s explore this uniquely enticing festival with Bamboo Airways now!

1. Origins of the Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan

The tradition of sky lanterns in Taiwan dates back to ancient legends recounting the migration of people from Fujian province to Taiwan. Robbered during inhabitant’s harvesting, they would seek refuge in the mountains after that, hiding their belongings on the hills. When men returned to the village to scout the situation, they would release lanterns into the sky if it was safe, signaling for everyone to come back to their villages. 


These old legends have been passed down through generations and have evolved into the tradition of releasing lanterns in Taiwan, carrying messages of peace and beckoning those far away to return home. Based on this humanistic significance, the lantern festival is organized throughout Taiwan every year, attracting numerous participants.

2. Festival time

Different regions in Taiwan choose varying times to hold their lantern festivals. However, most festivals take place during the early spring, typically from mid-January to early March lasting for three days.

3. Locations for the Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan

3.1. Jiufen Old Village

Experiencing the release of lanterns in the historic Jiufen Old Village will undoubtedly enchant you. Jiufen is renowned for its ancient Chinese architecture and is especially loved by couples due to its incredibly romantic atmosphere. Writing wishes and hopes on lanterns, then watching them fly into the sky with vibrant colors, creates a cherished memory for you and loved ones.


3.2. Ximending District

If you want to witness the colorful sky of Taiwan, head to Ximending District during the lantern festival. You'll find diverse lanterns of impressive shapes, sizes and colors, crafted by talented artisans there. The Ximending Festival lasts several days, featuring engaging activities.


3.3. Taichung Park

Taichung is a major host of the sky lantern festival in Taiwan. The event typically takes place at Taichung Park and draws numerous participants. You'll marvel at lanterns created by artisans, often themed after the animal of the year, with impressive sizes that will leave you in awe.


3.4. Chiayi City

From Taichung, a one-hour train ride takes you to Chiayi City. The lantern festival in this city is highlighted by multicolored lanterns with captivating themes of fairy tales and scenic landscapes. Modern technology is also employed to create gigantic lanterns.


Embrace the enchanting allure of Taiwan's Sky Lantern Festival, where ancient traditions blend harmoniously with modern creativity. It's an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and memories.

4. Ticket Prices for the Taiwan Lantern Festival

You can participate in the festival for free in most places in Taiwan. Currently, Taiwan does not have a policy of charging participants for the lantern festival.

5. Schedule of the Pingx Sky Lantern Festival

The Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival takes place over three days. Each day consists of three sessions held at three different locations:

- The opening ceremony is held at Jingtong Elementary School.

- The second session occurs at Pingxi Junior High School.

- The third session is organized at the Shifen Sky Lantern Square.


During the festival, visitors can admire lantern frames made from making bamboo with a sturdy outer layer crafted from a special material – oil paper with thorns. You can purchase lanterns at the festival and release them into the sky following these steps:


- Check the lantern for any damage or leaks.

- Write wishes and hopes on the lantern's surface.

- Attach an oiled paper strip to the wire at the bottom of the lantern.

- Gently open all four corners of the lantern to ensure hot air doesn't escape, allowing the lantern to rise smoothly.

- Light the paper strip and fully expand the lantern before releasing it into the sky.


Aside from participating in the sky lantern release, visitors can also explore various other attractions:

- Taipei 101: This iconic skyscraper is one of the wonders of the world and a pride of Taiwan. Visitors can also enjoy upscale services within the tower.

- Ximending Night Market: A vibrant shopping and sightseeing destination attracting many tourists. It's a lively place to shop and choose gifts for loved ones.

- Fulong Beach: Known for its vivid sand sculpture festivals. Visitors can also explore the azure ocean through activities like kayaking and surfing.

6. Travel tips for Taiwan Sky Lantern Festival

When joining the lantern festival in Taiwan, note the tips following:

- Arrive early to avoid crowds.

- Don't forget your camera to capture the beautiful lantern release moments.

- Maintain environmental cleanliness during the event.

- Prepare suitable clothing and personal items according to the weather and travel activities.

- Plan to participate 1-2 months in advance for the best preparations.

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These are some details about the Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan. Bamboo Airways hope these suggestions enhance your upcoming travel plans