Bamboo Gift Voucher

A. Bamboo Gift Card

Ever wondered what the Bamboo Gift Card is? It's a one-size-fits-all gift, perfect for any celebration! From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and graduation ceremonies, or even as a simple thank-you, an Bamboo Gift Card is a thoughtful way to convey your warmest wishes. 

Treat your loved ones with an Bamboo Gift Card and grant them the opportunity to experience their ultimate dream vacation! 

1. Outstanding features of Bamboo Gift Card

  • Various types of Gift Card suitable for special occasions such as Birthday, Christmas, Wedding...
  • Easy to use as a payment method for airfares, replacing payment cards and cash.
  • Can be flexibly combined with other Gift Cards for payment or combined with Credit Card.

2. How do I purchase a Bamboo Gift Card? 

Step 1: Pick the event for which the Gift Card is intended

Step 2: Decide on the amount you wish to offer

Step 3: Opt for a design that suits your taste and draft a personalized message

Step 4: The Gift Card will be dispatched via email to your chosen recipient. If you wish to purchase it for personal use, simply input your own email address



3. How do I redeem my Bamboo Gift Card?

Step 1: On our Homepage, select your flights and dates. Once you’re done, click “Search Flights”.

Step 2: Select your flight and click “Confirm and continue”. Then your personal information and click “Confirm”

Step 3: Select any additional ancillary for your trip. If you’re not interested, you may click

Step 4: Click “Do you want to use a voucher” and fill out your 16-digit Bamboo Gift Card number and Pin code into “Voucher code” and “Voucher security code” boxes. Click “Apply”, followed by “Continue” to finalise your booking.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.


B. Bamboo Old Gift Voucher (purchased before 26 Sept 2023)

We have ceased the issuance of specific gift vouchers. For customers in possession of these vouchers that remain within their validity period, please refer to our guideline for detailed instructions on how to redeem.



C. Bamboo E-Voucher

An E-voucher is an electronic payment certificate used to pay for products or services that Bamboo Airways accepts, in place of cash and other payment methods.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of E-vouchers at: Terms and Conditions

Please refer to the Instructions for using E-vouchers at: Instructions for using E-voucher