In order to express our gratitude to the members flying with Bamboo Airways during these years and bring the loyalty program closer to the passengers, we would like to introduce a referral promotion: NEW FRIEND NEW JOY with 4 levels of rewards. Details:

A. Promotion period: From 15/03/2023 until further notice

B. Promotion: Existing Bamboo Club members who refer friends to register for Bamboo Club membership will have the opportunity to receive “extreme” REWARD WITH 4 LEVELS:

Get 100 bonus points for referring new and successfully registered members
Get 100 bonus points
when the referred member successfully made 1 flight with Bamboo Airways
Get 500 bonus points
when referring new successfully registered members reaching certain milestones


Detailed description of the number of referrals and corresponding bonus points:

No. of referral Rewarded bonus points Exra bonus points
10 100 500
20 100 500
30 100 500
40 100 500
50 100 500
Same with higher no. of referrals 100 500




  • Gold Card is valid for 12 months without identification (priority to winners’ identification)
  • Every month, there will be the Top 3 most refer reward. The members in the Top 3 must refer at least 50 members or more, in case there are many members achieving the same number of successful referrals, the BBC will give priority to choosing the member who has reached the number first
  • Card upgrade will be applied for winning members whose card tier is lower than Gold, extended for another 12 months if the member already has a Gold card.
  • In case a member has a membership card higher than Gold, it can be transferred to any person in the member's family list and has no cash exchange value.
Rewarded up to 6,000 bonus points and 01 Gold membership card
for the Top 3 members who have the highest number of referral member
C. Terms & Conditions:
  • Referring members will be immediately given 100 bonus points to the account after the referred person successfully registers and activates the account.
  • Members who successfully register and activate the account are specified as follows:
    • The referred person must activate the account (change password and reset PIN) via a welcome email after completing membership registration
    • Bamboo Club account information must match the personal identity to ensure the benefits and privileges of members when participating in the Bamboo Club loyalty program.
  • Bonus points will be added after 5 to 7 working days. 7 days is the maximum period for the referred members to activate the account to be counted as successful referrals to get rewarded.
  • Each member participating in the referral program can receive a maximum reward of no more than 10,000 bonus points, equivalent to referring 67 new members.
  • In case it is discovered to be a fake account, BBC will send a notice to the member and proceed to cancel the invalid referral transactions, minus the bonus points in the account.

D. Referral instruction:


Customers sign up for Bamboo Club membership via HERE

Please fill up all the information

Note: Provide the membership number of the referer in “Bamboo Club No. of referral member” field to be recorded as the referer and get rewarded.