A. GROUP 1: Membership registration/ Member Privilleges (5 questions)

1. How can I become a member of Bamboo Club?

Please download the Bamboo Airways app (mobile app) to the Bamboo Club section and register for a membership.

Or contact the ticket offices, scan the QR code at the QR code locations (airport ticket counters, affiliated banks...) to register.

As soon as you successfully register, you will receive an email to notify you of your membership number.

Please click on the link in the email and follow the instructions to activate your account, set a PIN code (including 4 self-set numbers), set an account login password (the password consists of 8 characters: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, special characters for example: Bamboo787$).
Does Bamboo Club regulate the age for membership registration?
Bamboo Club regulates the age to become a member: from 14 years old and older.

2. Can I register for two Bamboo Club accounts?

According to the program's regulations, each individual can only register and accumulate points in only one Bamboo Club account.

3. Why do I need to provide a personal email address when I sign up for membership?

Members need to provide a personal email address to be able to:
- Get Bamboo Club membership number after registration.
- Receive email Notification of monthly account balance from Bamboo Club.
- Update the latest promotions from Bamboo Club.

4. I have registered as a Bamboo Club member but now I have forgotten my membership

number. How can I find my membership number?
Method 1: Log in to your account on the app: enter the email address used to register (instead of the membership number) and the password set previously. Upon successful login, you will see your membership number.
If you don't remember your login password, click "Forgot Password" – the system will send you an email to create a new password. You check email and follow the instructions to create a login password.
Method 2: Contact Bamboo Club (Email bambooclub@bambooairways.com) and provide your full name, email, phone number, ID number or passport number. Or message via zalo: (Bamboo Club – Bamboo Airways) we will reply the membership number if customer information has been stored.

5. I want to see information about the Member Privilleges of Bamboo Club?

You can view the information HERE.

B. GROUP 2: MEMBER ACCOUNT (update, change information)

1. How do I update my Bamboo Club account information?

Members need to log in to their Bamboo Club account on the app / select Account / Personal information or send a photo of their ID card or passport to Bamboo Club (bambooclub@bambooairways.com) to request changes to their information personal.

Please update your account information to complete your profile and stay up to date with the latest information from Bamboo Club!

C. GROUP 3: MEMBER ACCOUNT (update, change information)

1.What is the qualifying points? Valid of qualifying points?

Qualifying points: points used to tier upgrade. When members buy enough points to qualify for tier upgrade, their tier will be upgraded in accordance with the policy.
The qualifying points are valid for 12 months.

  • Formula for calculating qualifying points= [Distance (miles) between departure airport and arrival airport] x [reward coefficient according to ticket class] x [other bonus coefficient]/10
  • You can buy qualifying points to upgrade your tier according to the instructions HERE.

2. What is the bonus points? Valid of bonus points?

Bonus points: use to convert to rewards such as: Bamboo Airways products & services (plane tickets, baggage, voucher access to First Lounge by Bamboo Airways Business Lounge in Vietnam…) and services from partners with Bamboo Club.
The bonus points are valid for 36 months.

  • Formula for calculating bonus points= [Distance (miles) between departure airport and arrival airport] x [other bonus coefficient]
  • You can buy bonus points according to the instructions HERE.

3. How do I accumulate points in my account?

For flights that have been flown within 12 months but have not accumulated points and subsequent flights, members can accumulate points according to the instructions HERE.

4. I have an account that has just registered 2 programs to accumulate miles at 2 different airlines. Can I accumulate miles from both programs into one program?

Bamboo Airways regrets to say No in this case. The mileage of each flight is only credited to a single accumulative account.

5. I bought an economy class ticket but then I was upgraded to business class at the check-in counter with my Diamond membership card. So, what class of tickets will I get points for?

According to the rules of participating in Bamboo Club program, the accumulated points will be calculated according to the flight class that the member has purchased. In this case, members will be awarded points based on the economy ticket class.


1. I have successfully registered as a member of Bamboo Club Program. When will I receive my membership card?

Immediately after successful new member registration, your account will be at the Registered. Bamboo Club does not apply physical card printing with this tier, applies physical card printing from Emerald and above.
For members with Emerald and Gold cards, Bamboo Club will support to print physical cards when members need them, with a fee of 50,000 VND/card. After 15 working days, the physical card will be sent to their address.
Please see information about BAMBOO CLUB PHYSICAL CARDS POLICY at the attached link.

2. What should I do when I lose my Bamboo Club card?

For members who lose their cards, Bamboo Club will support to print physical cards when members need them, with a fee of 100,000 VND/card.
Please see information about BAMBOO CLUB PHYSICAL CARDS POLICY at the attached link.


1. If I am a member of another airline, can I get the same tier when I register for Bamboo Club?

With Bamboo Club's tier-matching program, you will be granted an equivalent card class when you are holding a card (valid) of airlines belonging to airline alliances around the world.
Please see the detailed information about the BAMBOO CLUB TIER-MATCHING PROGRAM  at the attached link and follow the instructions.

2. How long will I get the physical card when tier-matching is successful?

After tier-matching is successful, the system will send a notification of the new tier via email. After 15 working days, you will receive the physical card (in Vietnam).

Note: For members with overseas addresses - will use the account information on the app instead of the physical card to enjoy the member privileges, because Bamboo Club currently does not support sending cards abroad.

3. I have been upgraded to Bamboo Club's Diamond, how many flights/or more points do I need to upgrade to First?

You need to take 15 flights of Bamboo Business Flex/ Business Smart or 30 flights Bamboo Premium Flex/ Premium Smart or Bamboo Economy Flex/ Economy Smart/ Economy Saver or 3000 qualifying points to upgrade First.

Bamboo Club supports members with tier-matching, not points matching.
The horizontal transfer from the Membership card of other airlines to the corresponding card class of Bamboo Airways is for the purpose of helping customers enjoy experiences with equivalent services at Bamboo Airways. Members cannot convert points accumulated from other airlines to Bamboo Airways or vice versa, and the number of qualifying flights/qualifying points can only be accumulated when flying with Bamboo Airways.
When you have not taken any flights with Bamboo Airways and tier-matching is successful, you will still enjoy the benefits corresponding to each card class (check-in at the business counter, free extra pounds of checked baggage, use use the priority aisle at the boarding gate area…).

F. GROUP 6: OTHERS PROMOTIONS (buy lucky numbers; buy points; member get member)

1. I have a membership card number issued by Bamboo Club, but want to buy another lucky number, is it possible?

You can buy lucky number Bamboo Club. Points and flights accumulated in the old number will be transferred to the new number. The old number will be deleted from the system.

To buy lucky numbers, please contact:
- Call center: 19001133 (fee: 1,000 VND/minute)
- Zalo: Bamboo Club - Bamboo Airways
- Email: bambooclub@bambooairways.com

Please see the price list and payment instructions HERE.
The physical card with the new membership number will be delivered to the member's address within 15 working days.
Note: Registered will not print physical cards, issue card from Emerald and above.
For more information about Bamboo Club offers, please click HERE.