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Seat Upgrade Bid


You have booked a Bamboo Airways Economy ticket but always dreamed of enjoying the benefits of Business Class one day? Bid for an upgrade now and decide for yourself what an upgrade is worth to you. You will find out whether your bid has been successful by no later than 24 hours before departure.

1. Benefits of Bamboo Airways Business

  • Enjoy priority check-in and boarding
  • Access to one of the exclusive Bamboo Airways First Lounges
  • Seats with wide leg room and privacy during the flight
  • Business Class dining: Enjoy our exceptional on-cloud-9 cuisine
  • Fast baggage return on arrival

2. Outstanding features of Seat Upgrade Bid

With Seat Upgrade Bid, Bamboo Airways allows you to choose to be upgraded from Economy to Business Class at a flexible upgrade price. The higher your bid amount is, the greater chance of successful upgrade you will have.

Let’s explore the outstanding features of Seat Upgrade Bid:

Opportunity to fly Business with up to 50% off*  
Experience Seat Upgrade bidding with flexible price options Online purchase in just a few easy steps, easy to understand and convenient
Upgrade to Business Class with all Business privileges No payment is required if the Upgrade has not been successful (no money deducted when submitting a bid)

*50% off is applied for the lower bid amount

3. Conditions to join Seat Upgrade Bid

  • Your Bamboo Airways fare class is Economy Class.
  • There is/are sufficient Business seat(s) in the related flight(s) for your Booking.

Bid now to experience our new feature!

Note: The following conditions are not eligible to join Seat Upgrade Bid

  • Your ticket has not been issued.
  • You are traveling with an infant/pet or you are receiving medical care; you are a child traveling alone or a young passenger traveling alone.
  • Your group consists of more than 09 members in the same reservation code.
  • Your booking has not been confirmed.
  • Your flight is not operated by Bamboo Airways.

For more detailed information, please refer to below:

– Refer to Instruction to join Seat Upgrade Bid

– Refer to the full Terms and Conditions

– Refer to the FAQ

– Refer to the Upgrade Cancellation and Refund Policy