Baggage allowance

Baggage Allowance is the total weight of baggage passengers are allowed to bring on each flight without additional charges. Please refer to the table below for the level of baggage allowance applied to each ticket class

  • Each piece of checked baggage must not exceed 32 kg (70lb) and/or the combined three dimensions (length + width + height) must not exceed 203 cm. If each piece of checked baggage exceeds the above criteria (in terms of weight and/or combined three dimensions), passengers shall be required to repack their baggage or be asked to consign it as cargo. 
  • Each passenger on a flight is allowed to check in no more than 03 pieces of free checked baggage for business class and 02 pieces of free checked baggage for economy class, in accordance with the above specifications with the total weight of the entire checked baggage not exceeding the baggage allowance of the class of ticket the passenger has purchased. 
  • In case the weight and/or number of pieces of baggage exceeds the above-mentioned regulations, passengers are required to repackage the baggage in accordance with regulations. Bamboo Airways only accepts carriage when checked baggage is properly packed. 



For domestic flights (except for Con Dao), es checked baggage allowance for each fare class, each passenger (except for Bamboo Economy Saver Max fare class) can check in 01 golf kit or 01 package of bicycle baggage free of charge with total weight not exceeding 23 kg

  • 01 golf set contains a maximum of 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls, 01 pair of golfing shoes and putting tees. Items outside of this list shall not be considered as parts of the Golf Set. 

  • Bicycles eligible to be carried as free checked baggage includes common bicycles and sport bicycles. NOT applicable to electric vehicles, battery-attached vehicles, vehicles containing batteries or dangerous goods. 

For international flights (including international-domestic connecting flights), if a passenger travels with an infant (from 14 days old to under 2 years old) who does not occupy their seat, the following baggage can be checked in free of charge in addition to the free baggage allowance of the accompanying adult. 

  • Number of pieces: 1 – 10kg for all fare classes 

  • The size and weight of this additional piece should conform to the baggage rules which apply to the accompanying adult passenger.

  • Any excess baggage charges which are incurred due to exceeding the accompanying adult’s Free Baggage Allowance shall be collected from the accompanying adult. The handling of luggage belonging to children who will be occupying their seat is the same as for adult passengers. 

To ensure the security of your own checked baggage, please strictly follow the regulations on packing checked baggage as follows:

  • Baggage must be intact, undamaged, and not deformed. 
  • The outer surface of baggage must be free from tearing, poking or perforation.
  • Luggage must not be packed too tightly, which can lead to the risk of tearing during transport.
  • For luggage with a zipper, locks must be closed, and handles must be neatly stowed. 
  • For roped baggage, the rope must be tied neatly to minimize the possibility of the rope getting entangled and caught on the conveyor belt, causing tearing and damage to the baggage during transit.
  • If baggage is a suitcase, it is recommended to use a suitcase or plastic wrap service at the airport to limit scratches.
  • Baggage needs to be tied with a name tag (identification tag) with your full name, flight number and phone number. 

Baggage allowance for Vietnam domestic routes

* Pre-paid baggage and extra baggage purchased at the airport are NOT applicable for routes from/to Con Dao

Bamboo Economy
Bamboo Premium 
Bamboo Business 


Economy Saver Max 

Economy Saver 

Economy Smart 

Economy Flex 

Checked baggage 

Fee applied 

Routes from/to Con Dao: 15 kg
Remaining routes: 20kg


Premium Smart 

Premium Flex 

Checked baggage 

Routes from/to Con Dao: 15 kg
Remaining routes: 30kg


Business Smart 

Business Flex 

Checked baggage

Routes from/to Con Dao: 25 kg
Remaining routes: 40kg