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Special baggage

Depending on size, large or oversized items can be carried

Special baggage items like sports equipment, strollers and other items can be carried on Bamboo Airways. The list below is a guide to help you plan your travel. If you have a bulky item that does not meet the dimensions listed please let us know.

Special Items:


Special items include, but not limited to, strollers, prams, wheelchairs, crutches, dental braces, artificial limbs, medical equipment, certain types of medicine (official documents showing that passengers need these medicines for valid medical use), sculptures, musical instruments etc.

Passengers could store their special items in overhead compartment or under the seat in front of them.

Oversized Items


Oversized item is any item that exceeds 159 cm – 203 cm (62″ – 80″). Oversized items include, sports equipment such as golf club, skiing equipment, skateboards, bicycle, etc.

Bamboo Airways offers a carriage of the first bicycle weighing maximum of 23 kg per passenger with FREE (applicable to the fare class of Bamboo Plus and Bamboo Business ).

If the total weight of the bicycle exceeds 23 kg and under 32 kg, it will be charged a fee of excess baggage.

The second bicycle or more weighing under 32 kg is charged 600,000 VND / unit (excluding VAT)

Bicycle is carried as checked baggage including: popular bicycles and sport bicycles. Inapplicable to electric vehicles, battery-attached vehicles, vehicles containing batteries or dangerous goods.

Upon checking in a bicycle, please pack it in a neat box without sharp corners; ensure that tires are deflated before packaging; disassemble and pack bulky parts such as pedals, saddles, lights, mirrors,…; The handlebar of bicycle is rotated into the length of the bike.

Bulky items with a total 03 dimensions > 203 cm or / and 01 dimension > 150 cm or / and weighing > 32 kg are denied carriage as checked baggage. These baggages will be transported as cargo.

* For the fare class of Bamboo Eco, bicycle will be charged as excess baggage.

Sports equipment


Golf Set:  the total weight of o1 golf set is not allowed to exceed the standard weight of a regular checked baggage ( ≤ 32 kg)

Note: Bamboo Airways offers 01 golf set with free of charge not exceeding a total weight of 23 kg (applicable to the fare class of Bamboo Plus, Bamboo Business).

If the total weight of a golf set exceeds 23 kg and under 32 kg, it will be charged a fee of excess baggage.

The second golf set or more weighing under 32 kg is charged 600,000 VND / set (excluding VAT).

* For the fare class of Bamboo Eco, a golf set will be charged as excess baggage.

01 golf set contains a maximum of 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls, 01 pair of golfing shoes and putting tees not exceeding a total weight of 23 kg. Items outside of this list will not be considered as parts of the Golf Set.

Skiing Equipment/ Water Slideboarding: 01 skiing/ surfing board, 01 pair of ski poles, 1 pair of skiing shoes. Any other equipment which is not listed here is not considered as part of skiing equipment/ surfing board.

Diving Equipment: 01 diving suit, 01 diving mask, 01 pair of fins, 01 empty diving tank. We do not offer to carry parts that are considered to be dangerous items such as, diving regulator, diving tank or the likes.

Hang glider: 01 hang glider with maximum dimensions of 250 x 100 x 80 cm.

Archery instrument: 01 bow, 01 standard box of arrows, and 01 maintenance tool box.

Fishing equipment: 01 to 02 fishing rod, 01 fishing line, 01 fishing net, 1 pair of fishing shoes, 1 fishing tackle box.

Bowling Equipment: 01 bowling bag, 01-02 bowling ball(s), and 01 pair of bowling shoes.

Surfing Board, Kite Surfing, Kite Boarding and the likes: the length should not exceed 250 cm.

Oversized item that occupies a passenger seat


For oversized item that occupies a passenger seat, the item must not exceed 75 kg in weight, and (40 cm x 50 cm x 160 cm) in dimensions. The passenger who owns the oversized item must be seated next to the item and follow flight safety instructions provided by Bamboo Airways.

To travel with this type of oversized item, the passenger must book this service at least 24 hours, and be at the gate at least 30 minutes prior to departure time.

Except for golf set and bicycle, the other sport equipments are considered as the standard checked baggage.

Wheelchairs/ baby-strollers are not allowed to considered as checked baggage allowance if a passenger is traveling with a child or an infant and/ or a passenger requiring wheelchair assistance. Each passenger is allowed to check in one wheelchair/ baby-stroller with FREE.