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Bamboo Airways Prevents Plastic Waste, Enhances Green Flights

10th June 2019 - 2:34

Bamboo Airways will continue to reduce disposable plastic products on… Details

Bamboo Airways: Hospitality is Key Factor

7th June 2019 - 3:30

Having served as the Deputy General Director of Bamboo Airways…

Bamboo Airways Special Flight Marks “Fly Green” Journey Beginning

5th June 2019 - 8:53

Before the program “Fly Green”, environmental protection was one of…

Bamboo Airways Officially Opened Ticket Office at 30 Trang Tien

3rd June 2019 - 3:51

Officially opened on June 1, 2019, Bamboo Airways Ticket Office…

The Recreation of “Business-class Cabin” in Bamboo Airways Ticket Office at 30 Trang Tien

30th May 2019 - 10:50

Inspired by Bamboo Airways’ first-class cabin, the Ticket Office at…