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Book extra luggage

We understand that sometimes you need a bit more room to accommodate your personal and business needs. As such, Bamboo Airways offers a range of options to increase the standard baggage allowance.

• You can purchase additional baggage on our official website at least three (03) hours prior to departure or at the check-in counter at airport.

• We advise you to purchase excess baggage on our official website to save up to 40% on fees as compared to purchase at the airport check-in counters.

• Please also note that any piece of baggage exceeding the ticketed itinerary allocation are accepted on standby basis.

I. Vietnam domestic routes

Prepaid via website/call center/agents/booking office
(At least 03 hours prior to scheduled departure time)
Purchase at the airport
(within 03 hours)
Weight (kg) Purchase in Viet Nam (VND) Purchase in Korea  (KRW) Purchase in Taiwan (TWD) Purchase in Japan (JPY) Purchase in Prague (CZK)
Purchase in Europe (EUR) Purchase in other markets (USD)
1kg 40,000
5kg 70,000 3,800 103 340 69 3 4
10kg 120,000 6,500 176 580 119 5 6
15kg 155,000 8,400 227 750 153 7 7 300,000
20kg 180,000 9,700 264 870 178 8 8
25kg 230,000 12,400 337 1,120 227 10 11
30kg 330,000 17,800 483 1,600 325 14 15
35kg 380,000 20,500 556 1,840 374 16 17
40kg 430,000 23,200 629 2,080 423 18 19

* Maximum weight of checked baggage: 40 kg/ pax (not applicable to infant under 2 years of age).

The above prices are exclusive of VAT (10%) (purchase in Vietnam)

Book Extra Luggage


1. Pre-paid baggage is only applicable for the current flight, not to be endorsed, rerouted, refunded or exchanged for other services or tickets.
2. Your balance cannot be refunded in case actual baggage weight at check-in counter is lower than the purchased weight.
3. Extra baggage includes the baggage allowance according to your ticket class, at a maximum of 40 kg per passenger.

Fare class Allowance baggage Maximum of extra pre-paid baggage
Economy Saver Max 0 kg 40 kg
Economy Saver
Economy Smart
Economy Flex
20 kg 20 kg
Premium Smart
Premium Flex
30 kg 10 kg

4. Purchase extra baggage at the airport:

• For fare classes included baggage allowance or pre-paid baggageevery extra kilogram can be purchased at the price of 40,000 VND/ kg (excluded VAT).

• For Economy Saver Max:
– At 15 kg or less: 15 kg package worth 300,000 VND (excluded VAT).
– Over 15 kg: 15 kg package (300,000 VND) +  additional cost for every extra kilogram.

For example: You have 17 kg baggage, so you have to purchase at the airport: 300,000 + 40,000 x 2 = 380,000 (excluded VAT).

If you prepaid for the 15 kg package and want to buy more, you have to pay for every extra kilogram at the airport at 40,000/kg (excluded VAT).

The 15 kg package (300,000 VND) is available to purchase at the airport for Economy Saver Max bookings only, not for other classes.

5. You shall be charged a fee of 60,000 VND/kg (excluded VAT) at the boarding gate if your carry-on baggage is overweight upon allowance baggage.