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Flight to Da Lat

Da Lat has become the “national” destination for everyone thanks to its mild weather, many interesting places and delicious food. The city is hidden in the vast pine forest along with the vaporous mist making up the beauty of Dalat city. This is really a tourist paradise that everyone wishes to come once.

The best time to visit

Da Lat weather is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy and dry season.

  • Rainy season usually lasts from April to October every year, but usually in July, August and September. Notably, a rain often lasts long, even a phenomenon of hail. Therefore, please carry an umbrella if you go out. However, Da Lat is more poetic and romantic than ever with sudden rains in late afternoon.
  • Dry season occurs from November to March of the coming year, although it is the dry season, it’s quite different from other places, the city’s sunlight is not too dazzled.

In terms of the best time to visit, each season has its own beauty in Dalat:

  • Transit time between seasons: lasting from the end of October to the end of November, this is the time when Dalat’s weather shifted from autumn to winter. This is also the season when the persimmon is ripe, the wildflowers bloom with yellow color covering the hillside and the white mustard flowers start blooming.
  • Spring: starting from January to the end of March – you are able to feel warm sunshine and especially flowers bloom around the city.
  • Summer: Starting from April to September, Da Lat enters a beautiful cloudy period. The cloud is floating in the blue sky, and blooming flowers such as wildflowers, white mustard, sunflower, rose grass, snow grass…

In addition, Da Lat also attracts tourists to visit on festival days, and the biggest festival honor flower growers held every 2 years drawing a lot of tourists to visit. Flower festival features many programs such as flower fair, flower parades throughout the streets with various flowers, festival of love, wine…

In general, Da Lat is attractive all year round with its own beauty to attract tourists from other regions, and leave you beautiful and unforgettable memories.

Flight to Da Lat

Traveling by air is always the most convenient option for you with safety and affordable fare. Today, all domestic airlines are constantly operating direct flights to Dalat and vice versa. In-flight services are various (7 kgs of carry-on luggage, checked baggage, pre-booked seat, catering services)… and easy for you.


You can save time and have a safe trip to go by aircraft at a price corresponding to other vehicles. Therefore, This is always a favourite option for many people. But, airfare is usually pricey during the peak travel season, on holidays, on the weekends. Therefore, you should book flights to Da Lat in advance at least approximately 1 – 3 months prior to departure date to get the best offer.

Airport information

Travelling to Da Lat by air, you will arrive at Lien Khuong airport, which is located at Duc Trong district – Lam Dong province and about 30km far from Dalat city center in the South via Highway 20.

At Lien Khuong Airport, there are 4 domestic airlines including Bamboo Airways, which are operating regular flights to / from Dalat city with an average frequency of about 20 flights / day (excluding holidays, Tet holidays or high season).

The airport is designed on the idea of wildflowers – with gold color featuring vitality, and also a symbol of Dalat highland which deliver elegance and comfort to passengers.

The airport’s terminal consists of 2 floors including international and domestic terminal, is invested with modern system, advanced aviation technology.

  • Ground floor: arrival Lobby, arrival passengers area, domestic and international baggage screening area, luggage waiting area, functional rooms, technical rooms, F&B area, WC area, the behind corridor.
  • The second floor: departure Lobby attached to viaduct, check-in area, waiting area, VIP-C lounge, corridor, functional rooms, working rooms, technical rooms, smoking room, F&B area, WC area.

Transportation from the airport to the city center

The airport is 30km far from Da Lat center in the South and you can opt for travelling from the airport to the city center by following vehicles:

  • Bus: is the most favourite vehicle at a very affordable fare for those who carry few luggage.
  • Taxi: is the most convenient vehicle for a group of 3-5 travelers carrying many things with reputable taxi companies such as Phuong Trang, Da Lat, Mai Linh, Thang Loi.

Hope that the above sharings will be useful. Wish you have a happy and safe trip to Da Lat !

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